Yoast Post Connector Premium Worpress Plugin – Complete Analysis & Review

This plugin was previously known as SubPosts Plugin. Now Yoast have purchased this plugin and re-released it.

Yoast is a leading Website Optimization company. They offer various software, plugins and services and help you to optimize their website. So they have release this new wordpress plugin in the name “Post Connector Plugin”.

So let’s see a complete review of this plugin.

What will you do to connect between 2 related posts or pages? Use taxonomies everytime?

How many can use without annoying the users?? Maximum 10?

What then?

No Solution? I have ONE SOLUTION – Post Connector Plugin.

What is Post Connector Plugin?

A wordpress plugin that allows you to create relationships between posts.

Simply, Post Connector Plugin is a plugin used to connect related posts without creating Taxonomies for everything

Also post connector helps you to connect a post based on multiple categories and sub-categories.

How does Post Connector Plugin work?

This is the plugin to classify between posts. Very easily! Very differently!

Let me explain briefly..

Direct Example :

Lets take that you are going to create a website for the students and teachers in a particular school.

And Each student or teacher profile will be a POST in wordpress.

Now you have to classify them based on various criteria in your pages.

For example :

1. Teachers teaching for Grade 7.
2. Students from Grade 10.

But this easy right, you can simply do it by any Taxonomy. By adding a Tag called 7th grade or Teachers. 🙂


3. Teachers teaching Chemistry for 7th grade.

Now you would have to run for lots of taxonomies, 7th-grade-chemistry and more and more.

But what if there is a plugin, where you can just sort out all the posts based on the classification.

Just clicking new divisions, creating new sub-divisions and more. And at last, sorting the posts into the posts.

Now you can list it anywhere – Pages, Widgets and Shortcodes.

Simple.. Isn’t it?

Main Features:

1. Easy Classification

Easy classification of posts based on various classes and criteria. No more ugly taxonomies and tags occupying all the page in a post. All you have to do is to create a division and add posts under them.

Easy classification

Easy Classification

When classifying them under a particular relationship, you can decide

1. Name of the relationship
2. Slug URL
3. Parent Post (Based on which relationship is created)
4. Child Post

2. No Ugly Taxonomies

More than 5 or 6 tags for a wordpress post will look very ugly and amateur. Imagine the appearance of the post with more than 10 taxonomies.

Moreover your Tags and Categories page will be indexed as duplicate pages of the post in the Search Engines. Too much of tags and categories will increase the risk.

Now Post Connector comes as the solution. You connect custom posts without tags or categories.

3. Zero % Coding

Like wordpress itself, this plugin is created to help the non-coders. You will have no part in the coding part of the plugin.

Creating divisions, linking them together, displaying them in widgets or shortcodes everything involves no coding.

4. Drag & Drop Sorting

Have you noticed how difficult the sorting of slides or posts is?? In other plugins?

Sorting them using Order number.

And when you have to alter the order, you have to start from beginning.

But this plugin saves all the work.

All you have to do is Drag ‘n’ Drop them in the order.

So next!

5. One Click Widget

This plugin comes with a widget that will help in displaying Post Links.

You can add unlimited widgets displaying same/different parents and posts.

You can set the title you like.

6. Shortcodes

Add the Post Connector links wherever you want – pages/posts.

All in a single click.

Yoast post connector shortcodes

Yoast Post Connector Features – ShortCodes

You don’t even have to remember what the shortcode is.

All you have to do is

1. Select the SP (Abbreviated for Sub Posts) Icon in the editor.
2. Decide the Title and few settings.
3. Now press “Insert Shortcode”.
4. You are done!!

7. Multi-Lingual Plugin

Post connector comes in multiple languages. For now, the plugin is available in

yoast post connector plugin features

Yoast POst Connector – Mutlilingual

1. English2. Dutch
3. German
4. Spanish and more.

Also forgot to mention! Do you know another language and want to translate it?

You can gain a free license in exchange. More details at http://translate.yoast.com/projects/post-connector

8. Supports WordPress Multisites

Post Connector plugin supports wordpress multi-sites, also known as WordPress Network.

Each wordpress website will have its own version and so will have its own links.

So This plugin has no disadvantages?

Nothing so far! But every plugin has a disadvantage.

Will be updated when i find them.

What’s the Price?

The plugin comes at a fair price.

  • Up to 20 Sites – $ 149
  • Up to 5 sites – $ 79
  • Single Site – $ 49
  • And bulk pricing starts at $349

And also the plugin comes with 1 year of upgrades and support and they claim that you have to renew after.


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