7 must have WordPress Plugins before accepting Guest Posts

Guest Blogging is the smartest way for a growing blogger to build a blog, with high quality blog posts, without much difficulty. With much quality restrictions imposed on blog posts and the importance given by Search engines for regular updates, Guest Blogging is acquiring importance despite the new updates on acquiring SEO links by Guest Blogging.

We will be discussing the importance of Guest Blogging and how Guest Blogging still could help you in Search Engine Optimization. These plugins are for blogs, which accepts post directly through their wordpress websites instead of Blog forms. Here is the step by step setting up of Guest Blogging in your blog and the plugins required at each stage.

6 Must have plugins for Guest Blogging

S.No Guest Blog Setup Plugins Required
1. Contributor Registration 1. WangGuard
2. Contributor Capability Allotment 2. Capability Manager
3. Notifications for Authors 3. Peter’s Email Collaboration Plugin
4. Content Addition by Users 4. Insights Plugin
5. Peter’s Post Notes Plugin
3. Revenue Sharing 6. Author Advertising

Personally, I am installing these plugins in my blog before accepting blog posts from Guest Bloggers.

1. WangGuard

Short : Plugin to prevent spam registration

Once you open up registrations for new contributors in your blog, the first challenge you will receive will be spam registrations by automatic robots. A lot of spam registrations, in turn brings a lot of spam posts increasing your review load. Though there are lots of plugins out there to help you stop spam registrations, they might sometime block real bloggers too. Here is where WangGuard comes into use.

Why do you need this plugin?

Wangguard Plugin

Prevent Spam Registrations

  • Unlike other plugins blocking registrations based on the bot behavior, this plugin blocks a registration based on the spam report of thousands of bloggers around the world.
  • For example when you send a query about an user through WangGuard, it cross checks it with its database which has a report of all spam bloggers auto posting blogs globally. And sends back the suggestion.
  • With a database of about 6 lakhs spam bloggers (sploggers as they say), they can block any manual bloggers who might attempt to write unwanted posts.
  • Block user registrations based on Domain extensions and characters of Email Ids.
  • This plugin works for both WordPress and Buddypress.
  • With WangGuard Blacklisted words Addon, you can configure a set of blacklisted words, which will block all users using the blocked content.
  • Also you can configure to verify the Emails before adding them as users.

Bottom Note : This plugin is free if you receive less than 500 spam registrations per day and $5/month if the queries exceed 500. You can refer the plans in the website for more details.

Plugin Download Link – Download WangGuard Plugin

2. Capability Manager Plugin

Short : Role setting plugin for wordpress

The next problem after accepting a set of Guest bloggers will be to allot their user role. Though you can do this by default in wordpress’s default user roles into 5 categories, this have certain limitations. We cannot allot user roles extensively – part by part. Capability Manager comes in hand at such times.

Why do you need this plugin?

  • You can configure the role and permissions of a registered user by selecting the level of permission.
  • Apart from wordpress’s classic role play, you can add extra perks to them too.
  • Keep your blog contributors in control, thereby protecting the security of the blog.

Plugin Download Link – Download compatibility manager

3. Peter’s Post Note Plugin

Short : Easy communication between contributor and administrator on blog posts.

Guest Blogging Plugins

Peter’s Note Plugin Demo

Next hard part between the addition of contents and the publishing is the communication between contributor and the administrator. When the admin needs a small change or review of the blog, he could not contact contributor every now and then asking him to make changes in the blog. Here we could make use of Peter’s Post Note plugin.

Why do you need this plugin?

  • When the plugin is installed, it adds a Notes column to the top right of the dashboard, just below the Publish column.
  • Whenever the author or the administrator has a comment on the post, they can enter it there.
  • This makes communication regarding the post easier.
  • For example – Add images to this post., Content Quality is good but add some more points etc etc..

Plugin Download Link – Download Peter’s Note Plugin

4. Peter’s Email Collaboration Plugin

Short : Email Notifications on review of blog posts – For author and admin.

Contributor notifications can be a head ache when you are running on lots of guest posts. Reviewing them itself is a big process. Notifying each of them by Email? Here comes the star plugin – Peter’s Email collaboration Plugin

Why do you need this plugin?

  • When you get a row of blog posts, it will be had for you to notify each and every guest blogger. This plugin eliminates this difficulty.
  • Whenever a contributor comes up with a new article and submits it for review, this plugin sends an email to the blog admin for the approval and review of the blog automatically.
  • Once you approve/reject it, automatic email is being sent to the author on the publishing or rejection.

You can use both Peter’s Email Collaboration and Peter’s Post Notes plugin to notify the blogger about it, with proper reasons for rejection in notes. This will encourage the blogger to improve his skills and also keep your blog post quality in control.

Plugin Download Link – Download Peter’s Email Collaboration Plugin

5. Insights Plugin

Short : Easy Manual Interlinking plugin for wordpress

When guest bloggers start posting in your blog, it will be very hard for them to add internal links to the website. Though in latest wordpress version, it allows users to search relevant contents in linking, it is not effective.And here we use Insights plugin.

Why do you need this plugin?

  • This is how it works.
  • Search with a keyword you are writing on and it displays the list of blog posts related to the topic.
  • Now link to them manually with a single click and optimize it for your requirements.
  • Further this plugin helps in researching images, videos, wikipedia pages, google results and books for a particular keyword.

As Internal linking plays a major role in SEO, this plugin is essential for content editing to Guest Bloggers, especially who are new to the blog and its contents.

Plugin Download Link – Download Insights WordPress Plugin

6. Author Advertising Plugin

Short : Share adsense revenue with bloggers to encourage guest posts.

With Google discouraging guest posting for SEO, still it runs on the scope for extra revenue. So if you are looking for a successful career, share your profit with authors and bloggers. This plugin makes adsense revenue sharing easy.

Why do you need this plugin?

  • Automatic Adsense revenue sharing.
  • This plugin automate the display of the Adsnese Ads of the publisher who have written the article using their publisher id.
  • The administrator can choose the frequency, the slot to be displayed and also revenue sharing in front pages.
  • Administrator have full control over the deletion and addition of publisher ids in future.

Plugin Download Link – Download Author Advertising Plugin

So above are the plugins that are necessary to be installed in your blog before you start accepting Guest posts in your blog. Got updates on any new plugins or do you have a better idea? Share via comment and I will update it here.

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