VPS vs Shared Hosting – A Brief Comparison

When planning to start a website or when planning to take a website to the next level, it is very crucial to select the best hosting plan that will suit your website and won’t be a economical burden to you.

And the most important problem here is deciding between VPS – (Virtual Private Servers) and shared hosting. Because when a newbie wants to decide between VPS and Shared Hosting, unfortunately both looks the same.

See the list of best Web Hosting companies offering shared hosting in India.

So lets have a simple look at the differences between Shared Hosting vs VPS


Shared Hosting Vs VPS

Shared Hosting VPS

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting (also known as shared services) is a common hosting plan offered by companies, where multiple websites reside in a single server, thus the overall cost is shared by the users.

What is Virtual Private Server?

Technically it’s a combination of shared hosting and dedicated server. You own a part of the server dedicated just for you, with all the resources. VPS has all the advantages of dedicated server, and the only difference is it is comparitively small.

Shared Hosting – Illustration

To put simply,. this is like renting a room in a hotel. You caan use the various services like Wifi, cable, swimming pool and whatever, but remember these are not dedicated just for you. And though they say that you can use the pool anytime, know that these permissions are always limited and you cannot alter or change them any time.

VPS – Virtual Private Server _ Illustration

This is like owning a private condo. You have access to particular part of the property, dedicated only to you, which you can utilize to the extent you like. You can even alter them here.

When to Choose Shared Hosting

This is general criteria applicable for all users around world, when they should choose shared hosting

1. For your new start-up website.
2. Number of visitors is less than or equal to 500 per day.
3. When you want to host only one website and multiple blogs.
4. Get many facilities at low cost.

In all the above cases, shared hosting will be sufficient for you. When you cross this limit of 500 visitors, most hosting companies will notify you that you are exceeding the bandwidth limit usage (though if they say its unlimited) and you better move on to VPS or dedicated servers.

VPS – Virtual Private Servers

My advise is, you switch on to VPS hosting, the minute your mind wants to go for VPS hosting. This happens when you want to grow your website traffic, the reach.. So why give a second thought? Go for it…

However the general criteria is

1. Traffic increase expectations in future – Greater than 600-800
2. Confidential, secure data usage in your business
3. E-commerce websites and applications.
4. Multiple websites

Best Hosting Providers in Shared Hosting


Best Hosting Providers in VPS


Advantages of Shared Hosting

1. Economical : The most important and crucial advantage. Truth is nobody will go for shared hosting if it does not have lower proces

2. Zero Technical Knowledge : You need not have any technical knowledge to use shared hosting. Most hosting companies provide video tutorials for complete shared hosting.

3. Maintenance : No maintenance. Hosting company see to it all.

4. Unlimited : Most hosts provide unlimited bandwith and storage (they put their limitations in Terms and conditions).

5. For beginners : It’s suitable for beginners. Who are new to the field or experimenting with their skills.

Advantages of VPS – Virtual Private servers.

1. Traffic : When your websites reaches second level of traffic, that is more than 800-1000 visitors per day, VPS is the best plan.

2. Full Control : Users will have root access to the server and hence you can install any operating systems you wish.

3. Reselling : When you have a VPS hosting, you can divide it and resell it to various users as shared hosting.

4. Better Performance : Unlike shared hosting, the resources are not shared with other users. So the performance of the website will depend entirely on your website.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

1. SHARED : Simple, the main disadvantage is that your hosting is shared. Performance of other websites in the same server may affect your website’s speed.

2. Multiple websites : When you host multiple websites in a single hosting account (For example: Hostgator business plan says unlimited domains), in google, the second website will show up as http://firstwebsite.com/secondwebsite/ affecting SEO of both the websites as duplicate content.

3. Negative SEO : When the other websites in the servers are blacklisted by google, it will for sure affect SEO position of your website too.

4. Security : Sharing a common server may pose security issues in the future.

Disadvantages of Virtual Private Server

. Cost : The price is comparitively higher when compared to shared hosting. ( If they offer it at price less than 20$ per month, they aare cheating 🙂 )

2. Technical Knowledge : When you run into a problem in VPS hosting, then probbly you have to hire a system administrator to rectify it.

3. Lack of Features : Most VPS hosting will not have additional facilities like Fantastico aand more (They will charge for them separately) So it will be additional cost.

So have you decided which hosting you have to select for your website??

Still in confusion, let me clarify your doubts.. Just comment below with your doubt..

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