VDestine 2013 – Traffic, Income and Growth Report (With Mistakes i made)

Here is a traffic report for the year 2013 from VDestine.. Started in 22, August 2013, VDestine has a long way to go..

We have received only a vary little negligible traffic this year for the last 4 months. So why share the Traffic and Income report?

When going through ShoutMeLoud, by Harsh Agarwal, one thing i was attracted to was the Earnings Report. He thinks that everyone should share their reports to motivate new bloggers and show the real scope of blogging to new bloggers.

I always had a big dollar dream about Blogging..

I always hoped to rely on Blogging for full time income, sitting with my wife at home..

I am pretty sure that every new blogger out there, everyone reading this blog here will dream of the same.. But what is the reality?

My Traffic Report will show you..

Also i would like to list out the mistakes i did in this blog, to help new bloggers to avoid them..

VDestine – Traffic Report (September – December 2013)

Total Visits : 1385
Unique Visitors : 1179
Page Views : 2599
Bounce Rate : 75%

Here is the Google Analytics screenshot of the blog’s traffic…2013 VDestine Traffic Report Google Analytics

So here are some points to note

  • I published my first post on August 22 and allowed search engines to index my page on “September 1, 2013”.. But my pages were first indexed and i got some notable traffic only on October, 15. It took nearly 45 days for Google to index my pages.. So In Blogging, Patience is very important.
  • 36% traffic from India, 14% traffic from US and others from other countries..
  • Most of my audience were from the niche ‘Freelancing’.
  • No Ads… And Email Marketing didn’t work that much..
  • Most Visited Page : oDesk Readiness test Contractor Tricks

Growth Report

I gave you the traffic report… Now what is it with the growth report?? This is looking at the growth of the website from other side.. What we have achieved other than traffic.. We have no achievements yet but we hope to have some soon..

Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank is the rough estimation of the site’s popularity. It is calculated based on the number of visitors to a particular page and the pageviews. We moved from Rank 55,00,000 to 11,00,000 in these 4 months.

VDestine Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank Dec 2013 – VDestine


  • Google Indexed Pages – 52
  • Facebook Followers     – 67
  • Twitter Followers          – 6
  • Google Plus Followers – 7
  • Email Marketing            – 3
  • Social Networking shares – 75 (50 fb + 22 tweet + 3 G+1s)

Income Report

An amateur blog like mine is not supposed to earn a bit.. Still i made Rs.1125 (Not dollars) from Hostgator India Affiliate program 🙂 I am planning to run this blog more on affiliate programs than Google Adsense..

  • Google Adsense – 0$
  • Hostgator India Affiliate Program – Rs.1125

Blogging Mistakes i made in 2013

1. Level 3 VPS, the first time

My first and foremost mistake which cost me about 20k so far.. Buying Level 3 VPS.. I dreamed of lots of visitors and traffic and bought Virtual Private Server of Bandwidth 250GB right from the first month…

And i spent about 6 months without Blogging… And it took 4 more months for me to reach 5GB Bandwidth usage… 245GB to be used.. Do you want to share Hosting with me? Contact me @ Contact US page

Moral : Always calculate your Hosting Needs before buying a Web Hosting.

Useful Links

1. How much Hosting Space and Bandwidth do i need for my website
2. Bandwidth Requirement Calculator for your website

2. Moving my hosting from Hostgator India to Hostgator

Previously i have bought web hosting from Hostgator India, but moved to Hostgator (US) because of the Thanksgiving (75%) offers… Now i regret for it every second.. Here is the web master tools screenshot of the http://vdestine.com

Moving from Hostgator India to Hostgator

Fall in Impressions

You can note that my impressions dropped to less than 60% when i moved the Host… Because most of my impressions came from India.. So if you have websites from India, always host them inside India.. I will move once my web hosting span (6 months) gets over :).. And i will be writing a complete post with explanation on this soon..

So, What’s our plan this year?

Simple!! These are my dreams/plans for 2014…

1. Alexa Rank : Less than 50k
2. Income : More than 1k$ per month.
3. Monthly Visitors : More than 30k per month.

Thats it.. Lets see whether i meet 🙂 See you…

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