Types of Blogs – A Brief Look of Advantages and Disadvantages

This post is written for helping the newbies in deciding which type of blog would help them achieve what they intend to.

But this may vary from the classifications that are published in the World Wide Web.

So have you decided what topic you should blog on?? What type of blog you should start?? When you decide to start on blogging after deciding the topic, then it will be easy for you to decide. But when someone just wants to blog, then it is difficult.

Down here, i have classified the different types of blogs and have listed out the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of blog.

Personal Blogs

Business Blogs

1. Hire Me/Personal Blog
2. Video Blog
3. Photo Blog
1. Hire Us Blogs
2. Information Blogs
3. Entertainment Blogs
4. Tutorial or How to Blogs
5. Current Event or News Blogs
6. Product Blogs or Review Blogs
7. Inspirational Blogs

1. Personal Blogs

Personal Blogs focus on a single person, the thoughts of a single person on various topics, his achievements, his personal life, discussion about topics on particular field he is good at – Everything written by him.

Type of Personal Blogs – Advantages and Disadvantages

Hire Me/ Personal Blog

These types of blogs are to be used to be shown as Visitng card for a person. For example, list of all the achievements, projects and others as posts.

Visit my Personal Blog – http://vickydeepi.com

Advantages of Hire Me Blogs:

1. Personal Attention: These types of blogs can draw you a lot of personal attention from companies once engaged.

2. Design is not a problem. What one wants here is just an impression on you, on what you do and what you think.

3. No restrictions : You can write whatever you want to. About the dogs you like even or your hobbies

Disadvantages :

1. Traffic : Well driving traffic is the problem.. You can get visitors only by referral. Search engines don’t show up personal blogs a lot.

2. Monetization – Come on man!! This is a personal blog.. No one would want to advertise on a personal blog.

3. Followers – It’s a common psychological problem. Everyone likes to follow a company or a community, but no one likes to follow a person unless he is Mark Zuckeberg or a girl 🙂 Hard to build up social followers.

2. Video Blog / Vlogging

Video Blogs as the name suggests, is a log of videos. It is commonly used by Short Film makers and video tutorial creators. This is extensively used by gamers too..

Advantages :

1. Less Works : Comparatively less work when compared to other blogs. No content collection.. No Formatting.. All you have to do is just add the video.

2. Earning : Unlike past days, monetization of video blogs have a lot easier. Youtube, Vimeo everything come with ad facilities.

3. Social Media : It is very easy to build up social followers. When the video is funny or have compelling content, it just goes viral. Everyone shares and subscribes

Disadvantages :

1. SEO : Search Engine Optimization is a problem. You have to add contents or description rich in keywords to improve your SEO position.

2. Videos : Though only professional video makers uses these blogs, there may be problem for beginners in making ‘How to’ videos or other tutorial videos. It is clearly not for beginners.

3. Photo Blog

You can know it from the name.. A blog of photos.. Used by professional photographers, wildlife photographers and artists to display their works.

Advantages :

1. No Work : No work or comparatively less work on the content part. All you are gonna do is upload the photos and publish it.

2. Social Media Reach : If your photos are of great quality and some difference, then this goes to viral. It builds shares and fans

3. Sell Products : Are you aware that images and photos are subjected to copyright? Yes, so you can sell your photos and arts as long as they are the best.

Disadvantages :

1. Only for professional photographers and quality photos. One must be sure of the quality before publishing them.

2. No Advertisements : Cannot display contextual ads. No other notable monetization methods.

Business Blogs

Now coming to the commercial blogs, these blogs are created on a business or a niche, on which they provide information, data or review – Created by either the company or a third person. Now this is important!! These are career blogs.. Built to build up their career..

Types of Commercial or Business Blogs

1. Hire Us Blogs

These are similar to Hire Me blogs in the category Personal Blogs. These blogs talk about a company, the employers, the partners, their achievements and more.

Advantages :

1. Online Presence : Makes your first impression online. Increases the frequency of the projects you receive.

2. Search Engine Reach : When clients search for a particular service in your area, say “Blogging services in Chennai”, you may appear somewhere in google getting you leads from search engines.

Disadvantages :

1. Search Engine Optimization : SEO in turn for these websites will be little difficult. Because the title and content of the blog, say “VDestine Blogging services” will be different from the keywords say “Blogging services in Chennai”. So special care have to taken for onsite SEO.

2. No Monetization : Even though if you update our blog regularly talking about all the topics, you cannot monetize it. You cannot place advertisements there.. I am not sure but i think this is because that it may be against Terms and conditions of certain websites.

2. Information Blogs

Information Blogs are blogs that are created just to post and publish information on particular niche or topic. For example, when i take the topic ‘Anna University Counselling’, i will post all information regarding that from Cutoff Marks, Counselling dates, counselling procedures to Tips and tricks. So these are Information blogs.

Advantages :

1. ANYONE can do this : These information blogs can be created on any topics and can be created by anyone. For example, you can just create a blog on some famous temple near your area. And update the functions happening there occasionally.

2. SEO : Automated SEO is a big advantage of such blogs. Google Algorithm prefers different and unique content and so your site’s SEO will be automatically boosted, when you update it regularly.

3. No Hifi Skills : To create these types of blogs, you do not need to do complex coding or protecting your website from hackers or anything.

4. Best Monetization : Information blogs have the best monetization opportunity. You can use any of the following methods : From Contextual Ads, Adsense to Affiliate Marketing and Banner Advertisements.

5. For Newbies : If you are a newbie, starting blogging, and plan to build your career based on blogging, then this is what i would recommend you.

Disadvantages :

1. Posts Frequency : Content is the king here. As long as, the content is updated regularly and stays new, then you are going to rank high but when you leave a gap, Search Engine Rankings will start falling.

2. Bouncing Rate : Bouncing rate is one of the terms based the rate at which visitors leave after visiting your website. Information blogs have a high bouncing rate and visiting time is very low. When they find what they wanted to, they will just leave.

3. Engagement is Hard : Search Engines also have a track of repeated visitors.. Websites with high repeated visitors tend to move forward in Google.. But here in information blogs, getting repeated visitors is very hard.

3. Entertainment Blogs

Entertainment blogs are what i would say, easyweesy blogs. Just take that you are a fan of Ajith.. And you always talk about him to others, justifying his actions and his confidence.. Now just type them down and publish it and now you have an entertainment blog. Entertainment blogs also list out songs, music albums and much more…

Advantages :

1. No Hard Work : Just blog what you think.. No one is going to argue on a comment on a film or a song or some cartoon photos. Also when you cannot update the photos, you can just find people who can add photos now and then and help you make the blog go on with it.

2. Social Media Engagement : Fans get easily engaged to funny content and entertainment blogs. Once they like your page, you can just go on publishing new posts. Here is such an example: Tamilspace. This has no SEO works. Just SMM.. But has about 400 visitors visiting them every second.

3. Bouncing Rate : Once they enter your website, it’s very easy to engage them inside the blog. In entertainment blog, you can just put some interesting posts in the sidebar increasing the engagement.

Disadvantages :

1. SEO : SEO for these entertainment blogs are waste of time. No one is going to search on entertainment or funny cartoons (Very few will)

2. Advertising : Advertising is a big problem here. Though contextual ads are allowed, click through rate will be very low, as the advertisements will be irrelevant. Also till the website grows to certain extent, you can’t find external banner advertisements too..

4. Tutorial or How to Blogs

Most profitable type of blog, which has facility for all type of advertisements, monetization and marketing. Open a “How to” or “Tutorial” blog and develop it to some extent and you will be earning atleast a total of 100K per month altogether. There are a lot of “How to” topics, you can write on.. And it involves a lot of money ofcourse..

Advantages :

1. Money : This is what runs these blogs.. Most affiliate marketing is done in How to blogs next only to Review blogs.. These blog posts are some times “sponsored” by the company or the service offering firm itself.

2. Advertisements : All types of advertisements are applicable in these blogs. From banner advertisements to contextual advertisements. Its easy to get these blogs ad approved.

3. SEO by adding videos : You can create video on the tutorial, add it to youtube and add it in the blog.. Videos added to youtube get into search engines easily thus boosting SEO.

4. Email Marketing : You can get lot of subscribers by both social media and email and do marketing by these methods.

Disadvantages :

1. Lot of Works : You have to work a lot.. Hard.. Day and Night.. Answer all the queries by users.. Look out for any changes and updates in those tools and all other things..

2. Competition : There are lot of competition for these how to blogs in present.. So you have to create a brand, reach out users and engage them.. A little bit difficult task..

5. Current Event or News Blogs

A blog which updates recent news. These blogs are very difficult to maintain and when maintained by a single person, it wont be of any significance. Though these blogs are the fastest way to reach out with a news or a update to search engine users.

1. Faster Reach : News blogs, after accepted by Google as News websites, get indexed very often in say 3-4 hours and hence your posts reach out to the users very fastly.

2. Link Building : News blogs are the most linked blogs in Internet. You will get a lot of backlinks by this.

3. Social Media : When the news is unavoidable, it just goes viral and hence if you publish quality, highly preferable news, then you are going to reach greater heights.

!!!!! If you are a newbie, and want to start a News blog, never do that !!!!!!

Disadvantages :

1. Group Works : You can never work alone on these blogs. You have to be a group of 10-20 members each concentrating on a particular field like cinema, technology and Internet etc..

2. Frequency : Frequency of posts is another thing here. If you leave a gap of say 1 month due to unavoidable circumstances, then it will leave a gap, making you start all over again.

6. Product Blogs or Review Blogs

Review blogs are opened with the aim of reviewing products around the web. These blogs are the best suitable for affiliate marketing.. After discussing the pros and cons of a particular product, they discuss about the specifications.. Then they give affiliate links to the purchase websites.. And they earn by these kind of marketing.

Advantages :

1. Affiliate Marketing : Affiliate marketing is the single reason why people engage a lot on these review blogs. And as online sale of products is increasing, affiliate marketing has a lot of scope in near future.

2. Direct Advertisements : You will get a lot of offers for direct advertisement from companies that sells products related to the niche your products are.

Disadvantages :

1. Authentic Reviews : Unless you use the product or the service and write authentic and acceptable reviews about a product, no user is going to believe you.. So you have to work a lot on that part..

2. Branding : Everyone is addicted to branding. In case of review blogs, the users believe only reviews from some branded blogs. So you have to work a lot to build up your brand.

7. Inspirational Blogs

Inspirational blogs are blogs that list out the recent achievements of some, list out the methods to control our mind, build up our career and all that stuff which your parents or mostly grand parents tell to you. Though these blogs have comparatively less monetisation opps, they still top in the type of blogs.

Advantages :

1. By these blogs, you build up a group of dedicated social fans and spread out your name. Later this may help you somewhere somehow.

1. If you are looking out to make money or build up your career, then this is not your piece of cake.

So above are the different types of blogs classified by Team of VDestine to help you with the process of selecting the type of blog you want to start. Are you clear of the reason why you want to start blogging!!!

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