Best Freelancer websites of 2013 for Freelancers

Whenever some want to try a new thing online, they just google for “Top 10 …”. So are you a freelancer trying to establish your profile online? Here we are listing the best 10 freelancer websites for you to work on, after analyzing various features of the freelancer website such as Payment guarantee, Consistency, Future of the website and other advantages and disadvantages.

What are Freelancer Websites?

Top 10 freelancer websites for freelancersFreelancer websites are websites that connect the online job seekers and employers together. They are similar to online job portals differing only with payment method and time trackers that helps the clients to track the work of the contractor and pay him online.

So here are the best 10 Freelancer websites for freelancers.


If you are starting your freelancer career from the beginning, then oDesk is the best choice. With their free, but one of the best test system, they give a chance for every ‘start from scratch’ freelancers, who don’t want to invest a penny to build up their career.

Advantages :

Here are some of the reasons why you probably should join oDesk.

  • Free Signup : is entirely free to sign up, to add your skills, change these skills any time (Believe me!! some websites charge for this too!!) , apply for job.
  • Free Tests : You can attend tests in for free and show up your skills, while some websites charge upto 50$.
  • Apply in all Categories : Even if you have not added a particular skill in your profile, if you are confident you can apply for jobs in pother categories.
  • Best Payment Method : And oDesk has one of the best payment methods. Their various payment methods include Payoneer, Skrill and Paypal. Apart from these methods they offer Local Funds Transfer (Direct Transfer to your Bank account) for most of the countries.

Ok you are ready to try to oDesk? Read my tips on getting first job in oDesk.

Disadvantages :

Every single website has some disadvantages. Here in oDesk there are few too. Here sadly, advantages turn out to be disadvantages too.

  • It’s Free : :p So probably every freelancer starts his work here. And the jobs are flooded with application from many contractors. If you wanna head start, you have to do something different and stand out from the crowd.
  • Cheating Clients : Nearly every freelancer website has this disadvantage. They make you work for them (in fixed price), they say some reason and end the job without paying you. So better choose a hourly job.
  • Spam Jobs : Be aware of spam jobs. As clients can post jobs without verifying their identity, there will be often jobs like “Simple Data Entry”, “Captcha Entry” and all.. Better avoid them. Even if you apply, if they ask you to work for payment outside oDesk, say ‘NO’
  • No Direct Contact : You can’t contact the client until your bid gets in for the interview.

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Started initially as, grew up so quickly, buying and integrating various websites every day, now it’s has the largest database of freelancer jobs. This is mainly because, they charge you for every single work, (not for applying) but for tests, exams, featuring bids and everything. So the clients are confronted that the bids are genuine ( It works!! Who will waste money just to spam?? ). So with large client base, it’s growing day by day.

If you are very serious about a particular category of work and believe that you are the best, then go for this website

Advantages :

  • Lower Bids : Comparatively less bids, so your application gets noticed easily.
  • Attractive Profile : If you want an attractive profile, one that you can show to your offline clients, one that can put out in your personal website, then believe me, is the best.
  • Direct Contact : Even before getting the bid or invited for the interview, you can chat the client if he is available online. Also you can ask your doubts in the clarification board, that can make you stand out from others.
  • Featured, Sealed Bids : Now many websites have copied their features like featured bid, sealed bid.. But they are first to introduce this. You can make use of these when you are successful..
  • Featured Jobs : Similarly you can classify featured jobs (Clients pay 5$ to mark them so) and apply for these jobs only if you hate SPAM
  • Competitions : Are you simply bored of your jobs and go to next level?? You can try participating in the competitions organized in this website. Prize amount is so high (1000$ or higher), so you can win one of them impressing lot of clients.

Disadvantages :

  • Paid Tests : Well if you want to show that you qualify in a particular field and if you want to show it by taking some tests, the you have to pay them $50 per test (Oh my god!!! :p )
  • No alteration of skill sets You can choose 20 areas in particular and you cannot apply out of them. Also you can change those skill sets a particular number of time. So it’s a big headache for number of contractors like ‘Virtual Assistants’ and ‘Blogging’ professionals


When compared to oDesk, let’s say this is a premium website. Simply, higher price, lower number of contractors comparitively. So you can get noticed easily. when article writing project in oDesk gets a minimum of 100 contractors (Spam!! Everyone from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh copy pasting cover letters!! Not being racist.. Once a client mentioned this to me), here we get, some 20 contractors or so. So if you want to excel in a particular field, very pin pointedly, lets say ‘Logo Designing’ then go for it..

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Advantages :

  • Lower Bids : Comparatively less bids, so your application gets noticed easily.
  • High Price : All clients are reputable (Verified) and so you will get nearly thrice the amount you get at other sites.
  • Portfolio Files : You can upload files in you portfolio, which is of very large help in case of translators and article writers. Most websites don’t have this facility. (Correct me if i am wrong)
  • Reputation : For some unknown reason, still elance remains to have great reputation among the clients in spite of the growth of other websites. May be because their verification and dispute clearance methods are very strict.

Disadvantages :

    • Membership : One of the reasons i use Elance lesser than of all the above websites :p Though they have free membership, it has lot of limitations. So you have to go on into membership (Starts from 10$ per month)

–> Limited Proposals : well you can’t go on applying to jobs. At some point, you have to stop. For basic member it is ’40’ proposals per month. after that you can’t bid on a project. They use the term ‘Connects’ for this.

70% of the global freelancers use either of the above 3 websites. So better grab any one of them. Still not satisfied, below are the other websites!!

I hope you are well satisfied with the above websites!!! Aren’t you still??? Ok, here, let me list the next 7 websites. I haven’t tried them yet, to be honest (who is gonna try them when they get the best) but this is the ranking i framed out from the reviews provided by other websites.








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