How to stop Bluestacks from downloading apps automatically?

When you want to use whatsapp or other Android apps from a PC or a laptop, the only way is to install an emulator, which acts as a Android Operating system. One of the best free emulator is BlueStacks.

Unlike other emulators, the usage is very simple and free. So many people choose bluestacks for using most android apps in PC. But Bluestacks has a major disadvantage :

Bluestacks download unwanted apps every day (which are about 40-50MB) to keep the application free of cost.

Now this is a major problem for users, who use modem with limited usage.
So how to stop bluestacks from downloading unwanted apps automatically?

Bluestacks cannot download applications by itself. There are applications inside bluestacks which download the apps automatically. So you gotta uninstall what you can and force stop all other apps, whenever you open Bluestacks.


1) Go to Settings.
2) Select the “Apps” tab.
3) In the “All” , select and uninstall any of the following apps.
a) All Apps
b) Google Play Store
c) Google Play Services
d) GetJar
e) GamePop Home

How to uninstall the apps

Uninstalling the apps.

Now about half of the apps will stop downloading automatically. But some may still download apps when restated.

For this, follow the step below

2. Force Stopping Running Apps

1) Go to Settings.
2) Select the “Apps” tab.
3) In the “Running” tab , select the following apps, and force stop their activities.

a) GamePop Home <<< Downloadstatusnotifier [caption id="attachment_1350" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]How to force stop the running apps Force stopping the Apps[/caption]

You have to do this everytime you run Bluestacks.

So this is it. Do you have a better idea? You can share as comment below.

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3 thoughts on “How to stop Bluestacks from downloading apps automatically?

  1. Edison Gutierrez July 5, 2014 at 3:53 pm - Reply

    Install a launcher on bluestacks, and set it up as default action for home button, with the launcher installed, you wont use gamepop wich downloads automaticly the apps. (anyway gamepop is not possible to remove because comes integrated on the bluestacks, even if you unistall it it will reinstall on the next bluestacks restart.) Gamepop is only a launcher, simply is to replace it with another launcher and no more problem.

  2. Just download and app manager to open apps from this not directly from home screen (game pop home)…then download 3g watch dog to know about the data consumptions…if u observe game pop home consuming data…then tap it and in application info click on force stop…and click again the home button to open any app…open each app from app manager…thanx

  3. i rooted Bluestacks.
    with Root Explorer you can freeze the bluestacksHome and bluestacksServices apks in /system/app

    this way i dont have to uninstall or disable any apps like Google Play Services, and i dont have to forcestop any apps at each runtime.

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