Rahul Kuntala – The Next Generation blogger you should follow

Rahul Kuntala Indian Blogger

Yes He is the guy!!

Are you a new blogger entering this world of blogging? Wondering whom to follow?

Definitely i know a guy, whom you should follow and aspire..


Stop… Don’t Search In GOOGLE… Not Yet…

Let me tell you, why he is the best.. Why he is the one going to be the one…

First thing is

1. Advertisements in his BLOG are not clicked mostly.

Whats Next

Things you should learn from Rahul Kuntala

Wait.. Do you think that this is a bad thing?

Really?? Let me change your view..

When audience clicks on an advertisement, it means they have seen it and got interested..

But in this blog, no one looks at the advertisements.. I noticed only one advertisement.. He writes contents that engages users.. When you read it, you will be looking at the content only.. He writes the content very different.. And interestingly…

((I assumed this based on my browsing of the website.. I read nearly 30 articles, for 3 days.. I never noticed his website had advertisement)),

2. His own way of writing

The thing which interested me the most… And which many blogs in World Wide Web lacks… He blogs differently..

  • He writes in lines and not in paragraphs… And this increases the engagement..
  • He is right… I always feel too lazy to read whole post in any blog..
  • But in his post, i read through the whole post with much interest and engagement..

3. “SuperStar” Title/Topic for Post

The most impressing thing in his blog is the Title he keeps for the post…The title of the blog shows that he writes for Audience, and not for search engines…

The topic he chooses are never written before.. Atleast not with this quality..

Example :

1. How the ‘Art of Flirting’ Can Make You A Better Writer
2. What to Do When No One Reads Your Blog?
3. 3 Working And Tested Ways to Convince Your Parents to Let You Blog

Yes i can hear you… He is different… And he is going to make a difference..

4. King in Networking and Branding

 Learn Blog Tips Search Terms

Alexa Report : learnblogtips.com

Do you know? The first keyword which gives him 6% of the traffic is from the keyword “Rahul Kuntala” 🙂

Yeah he is branding his blog with his name.. He receives 90% income from offering his services..

And he receives more than 50% of his traffic from commenting and Networking.. He is not receiving much traffic from search engines, from major keywords…

5. Google is going to LOVE him..

Google with its latest updates, is filtering the bloggers and blogs, who write just for search engines..

Now LearnBlogTips.com is getting noted by google because of the Social Media Marketing..

Soon He is going to be one of the top bloggers of this generation.. All the best Rahul!!

What You Should Learn from him

Following are things you should consider using in your blog

  1. Write for Audience, not search engines..
  2. Write in lines, not long paragraphs (engagement technique)
  3. Blog Commenting is the best way to publicize your blog
  4. Always use captions for images..

Now GO — Search him on Google

Loved him??? Do you know any other Top Bloggers like that?? Comment Below…

I tried to write this post following Rahul Kuntala’s ideas.. Do you think i succeeded?

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