Best Payment Gateway for Indian Freelancers (Complete Setup Help)

If you are searching for a payment gateway for Indian freelancers, you must be a freelancer WHO WANTS TO RECEIVE PAYMENT outside the freelancer website..


Why this is the best?

I have the best Payment Gateway website, one can think of! Here are the reasons..

  • No Installation   – So no technical knowledge required.
  • No Credit Cards – You need not pay them a dime for setup.
  • Best Customer Support – They call you, speak with you, suggests you and sets up for you..
  • Payment to Bank Account – Single Click, and your  payment is sent to your bank account.
  • EMAIL INVOICING – Best of all, you send invoices in your Email Ids and receive the payments. Easy for Freelancers to collect payments out of Freelancer websites.
  • Only 3% commission – Unlike 10% in other Freelancer Websites (No commission if you signup before Dec 31, 2013)

So, what is the name of the Payment Gateway?

PayUPaisa… Complete Look at the Features below…
Payment gateway for Freelancers

Payment gateway for Signup for PayUPaisa

All you need to know about PayuPaisa

Ok! let me explain what is PayUPaisa and every single detail you need to know about it in <<<>>> Questions and answers… It will easy for you to get them into the mind..

Q: What is PayuPaisa shortly?

A: Payu Paisa is a payment gateway initiative by PayU India to simplify the Online Payment integration and eliminate the problems faced by merchants in selling products online.

Q: What makes PayUPaisa different from other programs?

A: Well! Simply you need 0% technical knowledge to setup this payment gateway. You can receive payments from your website, sell products or bill your clients (through email invoicing) from this website.

Also while other payment gateways charge you upto 6% commission after 20K setup fees, this payment gateway charges only 3% WITHOUT ANY SETUP FEES..

Q: How does this work?

A: You work for a client.. Now you need to bill/charge him… Now you can just send him an Email Invoice for the payment. He will pay you and the money will be with PayUPaisa for 3 days… In case of no report/dispute, your money will be sent to your account directly, which can be withdrawn anytime.

Q: Wait a minute.. What is Email Invoicing?

A: Nothing.. Just you send a bill for a service/product through Email.. Like a link, on which he clicks and pays.. Simple.. And you get the money.

Q: What if i and my customer have some product delivery problem?

A: PayuPaisa have a dispute management team.. They will do the fighting and problem solving for you.. All you have to do is file a dispute against them..

Q: What are the requirements for signing up in Payupaisa?

A: Only 3 things..

1. A product or a service, someone intends to sell… In our case, it is a service (Freelancers)..
2. Bank Account Details
3. PAN Card Details

Freelancer Payment gateway signup

Signup for PayuPaisa

Q: How much time will it really take to setup this PayUPaisa account?

A: Really it will take only a few minutes to setup.. And 1 day or less for verification. Once you signup, their customer call representative will call you on some lousy day and guide you through everything. For me, he even built the store himself..

Do you think that you might have a better solution?? Comment it below 🙂

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  1. Seraphin Xaviour March 5, 2014 at 3:08 am - Reply

    The link takes me to the signup page of payumoney where documentations like business pan card is rquired…please help

  2. hi
    we provide payment gateway for tech support for genuine transaction,our terms are easy and interested person can contact me at 09896502569.(tarun)

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