Part Time Jobs for Students – Complete guide for Indians


1. Decide whether you really want a part time job:
2. Decide the field in which you should work
3. Searching for the Part Time Job
3a.Ask you teachers (or) parents
3b. Searching Offline – Direct Enquiry, Advertisements, Posters
3c. Searching Online
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Are you a student looking for a part time job when you are studying? To make money when you are studying??

You might look for a part time job, for one of the following reasons :

1. Earning some extra money when you are studying.
2. Making your living on your own earnings, without disturbing your parents.
3. Gain some experience in particular field, to help in future career.
4. To utilize your free time.

But only a few students after getting a part time job, achieve what they want to. This is because, they do not keep their goal in mind when choosing a part time job. Also being immature, they do not research about the legality and honesty of the business.

Many of the legal businesses are not honest and they will give you nothing.

So, how to choose the best, legal and right part time job for you. Here is a step by step guide for you.

1. Decide whether you really want a part time job:

First mistake, a student always does. Decide whether you really want a part time job. If you think that part time job is not a necessity for you, then always stay out of part time jobs. They will only ruin your concentration on studies. Though this might sound crazy, that is the truth.

If you are looking for extra money in college, then have a look at Alternatives for Part time Job for students

Ok, Now you are sure that you need a part time job, now how to select a good part time job for you?

2. Decide the field in which you should work

This may not seem to be a big deal, when selecting a part time job, but it is. Always select the field of job, related to your field of education, so that you need not concentrate on 2 completely different things.

And also decide the field that will you extra perks, like “Priority in full time jobs, concession in products / services and much more..

Some important fields of part time jobs that will get you extra gains,

1. Tourist Guide – Can get you contacts. And help you in getting along with a group or a team in future.
2. Internships – Can get you corporate experience in your field of career.
3. Teachers/Tutors – Can make you stay updated on basics in case of lower standards. In case of software teaching jobs, you can quote it as experience in you resume.
4. KFC, McD etc – Working here will enhance your communication and listening skills very much.

So now decide the field of part time job. Now the next thing is to search for the part time job.

3. Searching for the Part Time Job

Searching and identifying the right part time job for you among all the available and fraudulent jobs is the hardest thing of all. If you do no end up in the right job, you might happen to waste your time or money or sometimes both.

So how to select the best part time job suited for you?

3a. Ask you teachers (or) parents

If you want a part time job in your field, then the best way is to ASK YOUR PROFESSOR. Most professors in any college will have contacts with Industries, Teams and Individuals of their own field. They can help you in getting the best part time job for you. These part time jobs will help you in gaining experience in your field.

Asking your parents – Though this will bring a lot of advices and criticisms from your parents, they might end up getting you a better pat time job. Because, in this corporate world, about 70% of recruitment takes place through contacts.

3b. Searching Offline – Direct Enquiry, Advertisements, Posters

The next better way to choose a part time job is to enquire in a particular firm directly. Most shops, bars, hotels will always have vacancy and will consider employing you if you are good enough for them. Also enquiring directly for a job will increase your presentation skills and self confidence.

And next, the Advertisement posters in Newspapers and posters. These are little complicated and are a mixture of good and bad opportunities. Always learn to filter the bad opportunities. How to do this?

  1. Avoid posters which do not explain the nature of the job. If the job is legit enough, like BPO or something else, they will explain it in the poster.
  2. Avoid Jobs like – Earn by sending SMS etc
  3. Avoid all Multi Level Marketing jobs, because all MLMs in India are frauds and just work to earn money by adding others. They do not evolve around the quality of the products, be it EBiz or SKyQuest or anything.. Also these Dangerous part time jobs for students.
  4. Make sure the working location and office location are near your area of accommodation or college.
  5. Before you try anything, make sure you get suggestions from your friends, parents – Dont be shy.

3c. Searching Online

Mostly all part time job opportunities found online will either require money to start with or will be a spam. The advertisements in Quikr, Suleka or any other websites are just spam advertisements published by EBizel/MLM associates. They will ask you to come and attend their meeting to know about the job. So just avoid these advertisements. Don’t try any of them.

Some persons will promise to teach you money learning methods for a small amount of money. Don’t trust them. You can learn them for free.

For example, How to Earn from Facebook in 10 days. Some Social Media gurus cost about 100$ for this tutorial. But here we have made a tutorial for free.


Some valid part time jobs online are – Typing from pdf (Not captcha), Blogging, Article Writing, Facebook promotion etc.

So have you chosen the best part time job for you??

Now get to the job, and gain maximum out of it.

I am Vignesh, 24 now and i earn by Blogging Online. If you are interested in Making money online or building a career online, you can contact me through Contact Us page.

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