7 Common Mistakes made in oDesk profile by Freelancers [how to avoid]

So i know you guys have read a lot of posts asking what you should add in your oDesk profile..

Common odesk profile mistakes

Do you know “what you should not add in your oDesk profile?”

Here are the things that you shouldn’t add or do in your oDesk profiles..

1. Don’t add Your Contact Details

No Contact Details

Don’t add your contact details in your profile

If you don’t want to get your oDesk profile blocked, don’t ever ever add your contact details in your oDesk profile.

Once you add it, you will not find any immediate objections from the oDesk support.

But within 2 to 3 months, you will get blocked by oDesk..

If they block your profile, even if you have earned some money online, you will not be able to withdraw it.

So Don’t include any of the following details in your profile page..

  • Email Address
  • Website Details (I am not sure of it. But still you don’t want to lose your $$s, do you?)
  • Mobile Number
  • Skype Id or any RealChat Ids. 

2. Shouldn’t add “I am a student / working here part-time.”

Most freelancers entering oDesk are Part time students/employers.. ( Because it’s free.. 🙂 ) And most probably you will also be working as a freelancer, part time only..

Never include that “you are a student” in your oDesk profile..

Because Clients with large projects won’t prefer giving responsibilities to students or part time employers who might disappear at any time.

So don’t ever say that you are a student to clients, until asked.

3. Spelling Mistakes and “Comedy” English!!

odesk profile

Making spelling mistakes shows your inexperience

I am sure that you laughed for the above heading. And that this heading grabbed your attention.

But i am sure it affected your impression on me..

Improper arrangement of letters (spelling mistakes) and words (humorous format of paragraphs) can decrease your chance of getting hired.

Although you may be good at your profession, communication still plays major role in the hiring..

And communication skills plays a dominant role in the process of Hiring in following categories such as Writing and Translation, Customer Services, Public Relations etc..

4. Unprofessional Profile Picture

A client will never care if you have a girl friend or you bought a new car… Stop adding such pictures as your profile picture..

And by the way, that is against the Terms and Conditions of oDesk..

Unprofessional pictures includes any one of the following

  1. Grainy or Low pixelated profile photos.
  2. Inappropriate for your category of working.
  3. Poorly Lit.
  4. Boring.
  5. Black and white photos.
  6. Party pictures.

5. Conversational Description

Your profile page is not the section to describe what you will do to your clients if you get hired. Don’t write conversational descriptions for your profile page.

The profile page is for “Professional Description” of your service..

You will get a chance to talk to your clients about your punctuality and stuffs in the ‘Cover Letter’.

Shouldn’t be like :

  • Hi Sir, I can work 8 hours daily and finish your work faster than others.
  • I will do my best if i get hired.

Should be like :

  • [[your company name]] offers Web Designing, Web development and ….
  • I, [[your name]] am a freelancing web designer from [[your city]] offering SEO services

Conversational profile descriptions show that you are a new freelancer and is not used to professional corporate world.

6. No Portfolio

Many freelancers miss this thing in their profile. And did you too??

[Mostly you would have missed this thinking that portfolio is not the important thing in a profile. You would have been tired by the time you reached this section. 🙂 ]



Short term job providing clients may look only at the feedback and the previous projects in your oDesk profile.

But long term clients will always look at the large projects you have done on your own, your websites and much more.

So, always include your portfolio with clear description and link.

[If you have done some work with your friends, mention that you worked on that project with your friend. Listing the same project in multiple user portfolios might make a bad impression.]

7. Recycling others Profile description

You may like someone’s profile description, when browsing through oDesk.

But copying it and editing it is like copying someone’s work too. 🙂 You get caught, you will get damaged (virtually and practically)

How will the client find it?

  • Really? Most clients spend their time to hire the right contractor. And most of them will be in the business of recruiting since the start of oDesk. Looking at a different profile description, they will know they read it before. 🙂

So these are the common mistakes done in a oDesk profile by a freelancer. Avoid them and you will be in the top.

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