Choosing Niche for a New Blog – 6 Tips and 3 Warnings

Well Now i want to start a Blog. What should i blog on? Every topic on Earth is blogged on by someone!! Confused? Let me help you with it.

Niche? What is a Niche?

Well In blogging Industry, Niche is just the web term for “Specific Topic of a Blog”. Niche is the specific product / industry / topic around which you are going to focus your articles, contents you write and everything.

Choosing a Profitable Niche :

So now you are going to blog and you have to earn or get something in return from Blogging. Money or sale of products or whatever. So how to find which Niche blog will give you a good return and which will not?

Let me guide you with 6 Tips and 3 Warnings

Warning :

  • Don’t be another fish in the OCEAN.. Choose the RIGHT NICHE for you, not the most Profitable Niche
  • Every Niche has its own Earning method. So every single Niche is profitable. From Yoga to Gaming, every blog can be monetized to make money. So Don’t worry, just start Blogging.

Do you have a Blog and Traffic? But cannot monetize it? Let me Help

  • Just by selecting a profitable Niche, it doesn’t mean you can earn easily. Its actually vice versa. If you can earn a lot from a paticular field, it will be full of experts swimming around. and if you are new to Blogging, well you will quit in a month or so.

Choosing the Right Niche Tips – Step by Step Guide

I always prefer to write a step by step guide so that beginners can follow me to the end, instead of skimming through paragraphs and understanding nothing. Further a step by step tutorial can help you in implementing those steps and come up with the result..

So step by step, let me guide you

1. What are you Good at :

Decide a Niche based on your Expertise. Don’t start with what you don’t know. Visitors visit your blog to read your knowledge on a particular topic. Not a research article based on other blogs.

2. This That These Those :

Always focus on a Single Broad Niche. Focusing on multiple topics in same blog is going to take you nowhere. Your blog will appear in search results but in 300th page or more. So focus on Single Niche like “Mobile Applications”. But the Niche should be broad.

Here are Top 30 Niche for a Blogger to start, with Article Ideas and Monetization Methods

Missing Niche

3. What if a Niche disappears :

Seems like a joke? No it’s not. By single, i didn’t mean a Narrow one. Let’s take for Example Angry Birds. If you write on this topic, probably after a 2 years, you are going to be the only one thinking of it. So come up with something broad and that will not disappear.

Planning to open a Multiple Niche Blog? Well, you should read this first…

4. Next what? Next What :

When you select a Niche for a Blog, come up with 20 articles based on it. If you can write 20 interesting articles, the go on with it. If you are struck, then i think you should CHANGE THE NICHE.

5. Less Competition :

(Take it as Medium Competition. 🙂 Now every Niche has atleast 200 blogs on it in average) Now confident, that you can write on that topic? Now its time to check out, can you manage the competition in that area.. Search for blogs on that particular Niche. And decide whether you can outrun them or become one of them in a particular period of time.

6. Monetizable? :

Study the various Monetization Methods available for that particular Niche and decide whether you can manage these monetization methods.

Time to Start a Blog :

Came up with a Niche to blog on? Are you sure? Not worried that you will disappear in a month? 🙂 Time to start Blogging and join the Proud Bloggers Group – Because We run the Internet…

Any Doubts? I don’t Blah Blah… Comment down here and let me help you…

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