List of Viral Lock and Social Locker WordPress Plugins for 2014


With the Google Humming bird update in the first quarter of 2014, Google is giving more importance to user satisfaction in the websites than to keyword density and other SEO signals.

After next update in near future, though Content will get you indexed in Google faster, to sty on top, you should need to provide Customer Satisfaction.

How is Google going to calculate the level of customer satisfaction?

Social Signals – Facebook, Twitter, Google+1s, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other shares

Why Viral Plugins?

Though these shares are to be generated by normal organic methods, you will find it difficult to get organic shares because

  • If your blog is for non-technical audience, most users will not know about Social shares or won’t care about it weakening your social media influence.
  • 60% of websites on technical and web related doubts will not get shared unlike motivational or viral articles..
  • If your content is so important for audience, why not charge them with a share?? Mutual helping right? πŸ™‚

By using one of these plugins below, you can force your visitors to share your post/page before they view the content of the page. But care must be taken when doing so, as it may hide some content in google index.

So following are best of the viral lock or social lock plugins available online.

1. One Press Social Locker (Free | Premium)

Best viral lock plugin available till date. The plugin we use for . Partially Free and Partially premium. Pretty enough for new sites.

One Press Social Locker Plugin Demo

This is how the content will look when it is locked

Free Version

  • Uses Ajax code to hide content before social sharing.
  • Facebook, Google+ and Twitter in the free version of the plugin.
  • Social share buttons are neatly animated to prevent irritation of the users.
  • You can create an infinite number of custom social lockers and embed them in single click inside posts.
  • Usage statistics – all in single place. Β Find the number of users who shared your content.
  • Content will be shown for Search Bots. So you need not be afraid of SEO position
  • And more features. You SHOULD use this πŸ™‚

Download Free Version

Premium Version

Buy Premium Version

  • Unlocks 4 more buttons including Twitter Follow and LinkedIn share.
  • Set the URL that is to be liked, tweeted and shared.
  • Set different URL for each button.

Though this plugin is the only plugin you require, let me quote a few more plugins to build a larger list.

2. Easy Social Locker

Easy social locker wordpress plugin demo

This is how the content will look when it is locked

Second best plugin i found in Web. Have all the features of the One Press Social Locker plugin. Except two!!

  • You cannot use different Url for each and every like/share button.
  • And the lock content part (the content which appears before the post) cannot be clearly configured as in One Press Social Locker.


The only and best advantage i found in this plugin is It is totally compatible with the Wp Super Cache and other plugins. It has been tested for compatibility with these plugins. While, One Press Social Locker have some problem when working with Super Cache plugin. (I am using it currently)

And the second thing is, after the user likes one page and comes back again, this plugin randomly inserts another URL that is not liked before thus preventing lose of a LIKE. πŸ™‚

Features of the Plugin

  • Supports Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ likes and shares.
  • Search bot content visibility feature – Your content will be shown to the search bots improving the SEO of this page.
  • And all other features of a social locker plugin

Buy this Plugin

If you are interested in simple, social locker plugin without much designing capabilities, then this is the one.

3. Viral Lock by CodeCanyon (Premium)

So this is the next famous viral lock plugin, ancestor of Social locker, still highly updated and used plugin. There is no free version available.

CodeCanyon Viral Lock Plugin Demo

This is how the content will look when it is locked

  • Only thing that is different from the social locker plugin is In this plugin, you can specify the custom message tweeted by tweeter. And also the message.
  • And another thing is, when people like and share your page, it will show a popup where they can specify the comment on the specific link.

Features of this plugin

Now back to the usual features of this plugin

  • Hide URLs or Contents or Images..
  • Supports only Facebook, Twitter and G+1s.
  • Different URLs for each social site. You can even use a Facebook Page URL.
  • Integration to wordpress editor unlike Social Locker. You can create and insert the content with single click.
  • No configuration. So you need not play with codes.

What i didn’t like

  • They have some bugs in cookie usage. Sometimes, even after i share the page, content is not displayed.
  • When i hide images or large HTML codes, it is not functioning properly.
  • You cannot include images in Pre-Lock content.
  • Seems to affect SEO by hiding the content to Search Engines.

Buy this Plugin

So if you are interested in jut hiding a link, with a paragraph or line, you can try this plugin.

If you want to hide all posts by default, you can try Viral Lock PHP version of this plugin.

These are best Social Locker plugins available online. After this i tried to list some plugins. But they did not seem worthy to be added here. Really

Do you think that i have missed any plugin?? With unique features and feedback? List them here in comment below. And i will give you the proper credits..

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