List of all Freelance Websites in this Universe [Internet] – For 2014

It is very difficult to list all the Freelancer websites. Why not help me?? Comment below and I will add them here

List of All Freelancer Websites for 2014
Hi Freelancers, welcome to the List of Freelance Websites in the World Wide Web for 2014.

Do you know which is the hardest work for a Freelancer?

Finding which is the best Freelancer website for them.. Every month, a new freelancer website gets launched and only few websites succeed..

So here is the list (categorized based on types) of all the Freelancer websites.

1. All Popular freelancer websites
2. Freelancer websites based on Location
3. Freelancer websites based on Category

Freelancer Websites – All Categories

Website Name Jobs Available Points to Note


One of the oldest and reputed freelancer websites. Still getting too much of Negative reviews these days.

  • Websites, IT & Software
  • Writing, Content & Translation
  • Engineering & Science
  • Sales & Marketing Business, Accounting
  • Data Entry, Admin Jobs, Human Resources & Legal
  • Local Jobs & Trades and others.
  1. NOT suitable for Freelancers, who are not ready to invest.
  2. Everything here involves Money here. Exams, Featured posts etc etc.
  3. But you have equal earning opportunities.
  4. Lot of negative reviews from Clients and Contractors regarding monetary issues.

Lot of Negative Reviews.. So Take Care..


Started in 2005, grew so fast and now it is one of the most preferred freelance websites for startup freelancers.

  • Web Development
  • Software Development
  • Networking & Information systems
  • Writing & Translation
  • Administrative Support
  • Design & Multimedia
  • Customer Service
  • Sales & Marketing, Business Services


Rumored to be integrated with the oDesk very soon, Elance is the freelance website with high paying opportunity. If you have a profile, the best freelance website.

  • IT & Programming
  • Design & Multimedia
  • Writing & Translation
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Admin Support
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Finance & Management
  • Legal
  • Similar to in most aspects.
  • Not suitable for new Freelancers.
  • Soon to be integrated with oDesk. Refer oDesk website for more details.
  • WARNING : Though clients are very happy with the way elance works, many contractors often complain.
  • Also, Freelancer are restricted to 10 categories, when choosing their career, making it hard for Personal Assistant
Above are the popular websites, you should try first before going on to other freelancer websites. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try other sites.. Remember in smaller websites, you will have less competition.

1.4 PeopleperHour

One of the best websites, i found now. When listing all the freelance websites. You can bid on jobs and also sell your services at a fixed price (Just like Fiverr) Though there are not many freelancers, you will face some competition altogether

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1.5 Guru.Com

Best freelancer websites for graphic designers, website developers and all other freelancers. Still not many writing and translation projects are found on this website. Guru, the freelancer website comes with tools to share, collaborate and communicate clients. Comes with a safe pay option.

1.6 iFreelance

Comparatively very less freelancers and very very less projects. Started in 1998, on of the early stage freelance websites. The only notable feature is, that This website has not transaction fees. But they have membership restrictions like other websites, restricting the number of portfolio samples and job bids.

1.7 Freelanced

Freelanced is just another job posting forum. Nothing else. Though this website has no payment options or client verification options, still this website has a fair number of projects and freelancers. Established as “Social Network for Freelancers”, there are a variety of Freelancer jobs from sales persons, graphics designer to comedy writers. So if you are a creative artist, try Freelanced.

Freelancer Websites (Location Based)

These are websites that provide freelancer jobs based on location – countries where you live. So check with the locations before trying there.

1.8 Aquent

Currently only available for North America, Japan, United Kingdom, France and Australia.

Aquent is another freelancer-employer connecting platform. Still they are little different. The website conducts the per-interview and the face-to-face interview for the employer before hiring you. Though there are a lot of categories allowed in this website, Design and Marketing jobs are given importance to.

I won’t include this in proper freelance website category because it appears to be a website, helping in hiring process.

Freelancer Websites – Category Based

These are websites that offer jobs for a very few categories – Mostly Web Designing, IT or SEO jobs.

Demand Studios
Just for Freelancer Writers (Content Marketers).. Best freelance website for startup content writers. You don’t bid on projects like other websites. You signup, submit model work and get paid for every work you do. Continuous works. So you wont run out of jobs. Pay is about 15$ per 500 words. Remember : There is no bidding in this website.. Fixed price for every article.

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