Do you think oDesk is illegal or Scam? oDesk – Real or fake answers

Is oDesk illegal? The simple answer is, the websites are not scam, but SOME USERS ARE.

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Whenever some website offers something for free, or tell that one can earn $$$s, most will google as – ‘Website Name’ scam. When it turns out a number of results in the first page, just by reading description we could find whether the particular website is real or fake.

Do you want to try other websites. Here is the list of all freelancer websites of the year 2014.

And this is about oDesk, the most popular growing website of this decade. With the growing number of clients posting jobs in this website and freelancers making their fortune, some users have started reporting about cheats, payment declination, account banning and some other activities.. So when one checks for ‘oDesk Review’, these results appear in the top pages, damaging the reputation.

The most important problem is that some freelancers just move on, without checking the details. So here i have explained why oDesk is not illegal.. So now the question is, is oDesk is illegal. No..

oDesk is NOT illegal or scam:

oDesk is a real freelancer website that offers real services. And you can trust it as an employer and also as a freelancer. They don’t cheat on payments or works or hours. If you see some users saying, that they worked for 2 days and they are not getting paid, probably there are getting cheated by some spammers, just as in other networks. Probably oDesk is the only freelancer website, that offers free registration, free examinations. Also employers can post jobs and do interviews for free.


Ok. The first witness, ofcourse, that i am getting paid, the only thing which everyone wants to check out. Below is the screenshot of my earnings tab.

is oDesk illegal?

Note : I am hiding the name just in case they have a point in “Terms and conditions” stating that i shouldn’t disclose part of my account details 🙂

And next here is the bank statement that i withdrew, twice with some 18k. as usual i hid the names, I am not sure of the rules by these banks and certainly don’t want to research some.


So oDesk is not cheating. But some employers might cheat if you are not careful enough. Below i have mentioned some of the common scam activities.

Common Scams in oDesk

Some employers use these freelancer websites to pin in new freelancers to get their jobs done for free. sometimes these employers not only exploit your work, they also exploit your money by stealing your details. Here i have listed out the common exploitation here

  1.  Captcha Entering jobs.
  2. Refuses payment scam – For fixed price.
  3. Work out of oDesk scams.
  4. Sample work scams.
  5. Initial little pay scams.
  6. Revenue share scams.

So are you going to open your oDesk account?? Read my tips on getting first job on oDesk.

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One thought on “Do you think oDesk is illegal or Scam? oDesk – Real or fake answers

  1. Hello There To all the freelancers I want to request you please be away from Odesk. They will never you support you no matter what you do. Recently one of my client filed a wrong dispute against and I lost it some how. My account was suspended. I was told my account is temporarily suspended and it will be resumed once I finish my contracts. Once I did that my account was permanently suspended. I had 2500+ hours and still full 5 star rating. They told me I logged 100 hours, that counts avg 13 hours and they believe a person cant work 13 hours a day. Just on the basis of excessive hours my account was suspended. I was totally ripped of by odesk. After this my 3-4 clients were very angry they together wrote to odesk to resume my account and to my surprise odesk told them my account is not suspended and it can be resumed whereas I was told it is permanently suspended. After this I contact Odesk support to confront them and there executives misbehaved with me and even abused me. Please read this whole chat transcript to know how ODESK SUPPORT BEHAVES.
    1:43 PM Jacquleyn Hello, Kamaljeet Kaur. Can I help you with anything today?
    1:44 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Hello. I have this ticket right here –
    1:44 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I dont think this agent is taking fair decisions I want to request some one else to handle this ticket or please make a new ticket for me
    4:45 PM Jacquleyn I apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused you.
    4:45 PM Jacquleyn Kindly give me moment to check that for you so I could better assist you on this.
    1:46 PM Kamaljeet Kaur No problem.
    4:48 PM Jacquleyn Thank you for patiently waiting Kamaljeet.
    4:48 PM Jacquleyn Upon checking carefullly on the ticket, this has been handled by our Dispute team.
    4:49 PM Jacquleyn And they made the final decisions to every Dispute escalated to them.
    1:50 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Okay but I think there must be a way where I can just say something if I feel it’s unfair.
    1:50 PM Kamaljeet Kaur They told me my account is suspended
    1:50 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Then my 2-3 clients messaged them
    1:51 PM Kamaljeet Kaur because they do not want me to leave odesk
    1:51 PM Kamaljeet Kaur they were told my account can be resumes
    1:51 PM Kamaljeet Kaur but here I am being told my account can not be resumed
    4:52 PM Jacquleyn I understand that you are frustrated with their decision.
    1:52 PM Kamaljeet Kaur If it goes like this I wont have any option to work outside of odesk with my clients. I know this is against rules but point is I need a fair decision
    1:53 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I was told at starting of this dispute that nmy account is “temporarily” suspended
    1:53 PM Kamaljeet Kaur and it will be resumed after my active contracts are completed
    4:53 PM Jacquleyn Yes, that was during investigation.
    1:54 PM Kamaljeet Kaur See I just want that some one else to handle this ticket. That’s all. I know I cant go against dispute resolution team’s decision or what ever it is but I just want person handling to be changed
    1:54 PM Kamaljeet Kaur my client who filed dispute against me told me that he knew some people in odesk. I have even sent screen shots of that
    1:55 PM Kamaljeet Kaur At least I have right to keep my side in front of another representative.
    1:56 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Please just make a new ticket for me or change the person there
    4:57 PM Jacquleyn I can see that you are requested to respond to the ticket once all your contract are done.
    4:57 PM Jacquleyn You may respond and state your side to that ticket.
    1:58 PM Kamaljeet Kaur but I think that person handling that is pissed from me on personal level
    4:58 PM Jacquleyn No I don’t think so.
    2:00 PM Kamaljeet Kaur See all I am asking is do I have a right for a fair investigation? If I do not feel that is being done do I have a right to request some one else to handle to communicate with me?
    5:01 PM Jacquleyn Yes, I have seen that the Dispute team has done with the investigation.
    2:01 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I am not asking to change dispute resolution team I am asking I need some else “representative” to handle it.
    2:02 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Please just respond me on this “If I do not feel that is being done do I have a right to request some one else to handle to communicate with me?” After this I am going to take this out. I just want to know do I have that right according to the policies or not?
    5:03 PM Jacquleyn Yes, you have all the right and it was given to you during the investigation.
    5:04 PM Jacquleyn Our team has also done their part of the investigation.
    2:04 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Do I have right to ask some other representative to talk to me?
    5:05 PM Jacquleyn Yes, but they will still refer you to the decision made by the dispute team.
    2:05 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Thats what I am saying I have that right
    2:06 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I need some else to handle it. I am pretty sure I will be able to proove my point
    5:07 PM Jacquleyn Even if you will talk to all of us here, same thing will happen. All of us will refer to that ticket and will only reiterate the dispute team’s decision.
    5:07 PM Jacquleyn Your account has been flagged by our system.
    2:07 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Okay you said that
    2:08 PM Kamaljeet Kaur now tell me for what reason my clients are being told my account isn’t flagged
    2:08 PM Kamaljeet Kaur are you trying to hold them with odesk?
    2:08 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I got 3 client backing me off
    2:09 PM Kamaljeet Kaur so I dont care even if you kick me out of here
    2:09 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Now next time any client messages you please do not even dare to tell them that
    2:09 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I dont have any thing against you personally
    2:09 PM Kamaljeet Kaur but this is harming my relations ship with my clients
    5:10 PM Jacquleyn Yes, we don’t discuss account information due to privacy concern.
    5:10 PM Jacquleyn Your client does not know anything about your status.
    2:11 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Do you want me to send you a transcript?
    5:11 PM Jacquleyn Dispute Team is instructing you to finish all projects so your funds will be forwarded to any preferred method.
    2:11 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Will you suspend your own representtive for telling him that my account can be resumed? And I am being reviewd?
    2:12 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Is not that against privacy?
    2:12 PM Kamaljeet Kaur As you yourself said info cant be shared how can you even tell my cient that?
    5:12 PM Jacquleyn Can you take a snap shot of it please?
    2:12 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Why did not you say we cant share any info
    2:12 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Yes I do have screenshot
    2:13 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I think you will be knowledgable enough to check my client’s tickets too?
    2:13 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I have only one contract active right now
    2:13 PM Kamaljeet Kaur he sent you request yesterday
    2:13 PM Kamaljeet Kaur after this decision to “flag my account” was taken
    2:14 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Dear Lewis Parrott,
    Thank you for contacting oDesk Support Team.
    I assure you I understand your concerns regarding this freelancers suspension and I will be happy to address any questions you might have.
    I would like to kindly inform you that the user was notified about what he needs to do in order to have his account resumed. His account is now under review and appropriate department will decide about the actions to be taken by considering every information he provided.
    Also, please be informed that your request will be forwarded to them for consideration.
    Should you have additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reply to this ticket, we are always happy to help.
    Best regards,
    Mariana Vanca
    2:14 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Copy of email
    2:15 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Why wan’t he told my privacy info cant be shared?
    2:15 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Answer this please?
    2:16 PM Kamaljeet Kaur And I know I got it now. I am not going to stop here. Either person who replied that was wrong
    2:16 PM Kamaljeet Kaur or you are wrong
    5:18 PM Jacquleyn Account suspension is not that private. Everyone deserve to know that specially if they are in contract with you. The private part there is the reason why you are suspended.
    5:19 PM Jacquleyn Some reason for suspension is because their account is being hacked or there are lots of reason but no one will know the real reason except the direct person who is having the suspension.
    2:19 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I am totally frustated right now. I first asked please do not share wrong info if my account is suspended tell my account about it then you say it is private I show you proof now you say it is not that private
    2:19 PM Kamaljeet Kaur What is “that private”
    2:20 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I am first time hearing this
    2:20 PM Kamaljeet Kaur It is private or not private
    2:20 PM Kamaljeet Kaur now my client did not for any reason
    2:20 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I am not talking about reason
    2:20 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I am saying you told him my account is not suspended
    2:20 PM Kamaljeet Kaur but it is suspended
    2:21 PM Kamaljeet Kaur where did you read me writing about reason behind suspension
    5:21 PM Jacquleyn Maybe that time of conversation is still during the investigation.
    2:21 PM Kamaljeet Kaur did I say tell him reason?
    2:21 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Do you think I am crazy?
    2:21 PM Kamaljeet Kaur What do you mean by “May be”
    5:21 PM Jacquleyn I understand where you came from.
    2:22 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Can’t you check time decision was taken and this was answered
    5:22 PM Jacquleyn You are frustrated because you feel you are not given enough justice in your suspension.
    2:22 PM Kamaljeet Kaur “I understand where you came from”
    2:22 PM Kamaljeet Kaur This is abusive
    2:23 PM Kamaljeet Kaur My primary concern was that my client are not being given right info
    5:23 PM Jacquleyn What I mean for that is you are coming from a bad day, or bad feeling.
    2:23 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Either you are wrong or that person is wron
    2:23 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I can understand what it meant
    2:24 PM Kamaljeet Kaur See now you said may it was answered before
    2:24 PM Kamaljeet Kaur if you know how to do it please check at what time this was answered
    2:24 PM Kamaljeet Kaur and at what time decision was taken
    2:24 PM Kamaljeet Kaur if you cant you got not choice exepct to believe what I am saying
    5:25 PM Jacquleyn I was not able to check the conversation with your client and the agent since you are only giving me the transcript.
    2:25 PM Kamaljeet Kaur This decision was taken 30-40 hours ago
    2:25 PM Kamaljeet Kaur my client got reply 10 hours agon
    2:25 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Okay then check it now
    2:25 PM Kamaljeet Kaur whats the problem
    2:25 PM Kamaljeet Kaur check it
    2:25 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I can wait
    2:26 PM Kamaljeet Kaur See I was going to end this knowing that you guys are wrong
    2:26 PM Kamaljeet Kaur you your self pushed it by saying whole privacy thing
    2:26 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Can you please make sure that my clients are given right info from next time?
    2:26 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Either put a flag mark on my profile please
    2:27 PM Kamaljeet Kaur At least give them a way.
    5:27 PM Jacquleyn Let me clarify you about the info that was given to your client.
    2:27 PM Kamaljeet Kaur They are telling me that I am lying them about account suspension
    2:27 PM Kamaljeet Kaur and you are relating this to my frustation on dispute
    5:27 PM Jacquleyn May I ask what have you said to your client regarding your suspension?
    2:28 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Am I supposed to tell that?
    5:28 PM Jacquleyn No, I was saying that did you ever mentioned about your suspension?
    2:29 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I told him I cant work on odesk now
    5:29 PM Jacquleyn And for what reason?
    5:30 PM Jacquleyn Were you instructed to finish all your contract, right?
    5:30 PM Jacquleyn So if you mentioned that you cannot work anymore, thus giving your client a question mark on their head of WHY?
    5:31 PM Jacquleyn So they ask oDesk why.
    2:31 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Hold on.
    2:32 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Listen now. First of all you are trying to divert this. It’s clear. Now listen. I told him my account is suspended. I had a dispute and I lost it. During dispute as I was instructed I ended my contracts but because your representative did not tell me that I cant make new conteact
    2:32 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I made a new contract with my client
    2:33 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Now if my account is permanently suspended
    2:33 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I have right to leave working on odesk any time
    2:34 PM Kamaljeet Kaur So I have that right to tell my I am not working on odesk
    2:34 PM Kamaljeet Kaur cuz it is blocking my funds unless my contracts are finished
    2:34 PM Kamaljeet Kaur that is my right
    2:34 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I did not give him a question on his head
    2:34 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I explained him
    2:34 PM Kamaljeet Kaur he told me that he thinks I should not leave odesk
    2:35 PM Kamaljeet Kaur and the wrote to you
    5:35 PM Jacquleyn Did you tell your client that you are t finish all your contract?
    2:35 PM Kamaljeet Kaur he did not ask reason
    2:35 PM Kamaljeet Kaur all he asked you was please do not block this guy’s account
    2:36 PM Kamaljeet Kaur and your people tell him his account can be resumed
    2:36 PM Kamaljeet Kaur does it make any sense?
    5:36 PM Jacquleyn We did not tell your client that your account will be resumed.
    2:36 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Now you are asking me irrelevant questions that has nothing to do with this
    2:36 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Did I say will be resumed
    2:36 PM Kamaljeet Kaur ?
    2:37 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I wrote “can be resumed”
    2:37 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Read it please
    5:37 PM Jacquleyn I mean can be resumed..
    5:37 PM Jacquleyn Sorry about that.
    5:37 PM Jacquleyn There is a relation to that statement.
    2:37 PM Kamaljeet Kaur They said he is told what he need to do to get his account resumed
    2:37 PM Kamaljeet Kaur can you understand what that means?
    5:38 PM Jacquleyn Yes, I do.
    2:38 PM Kamaljeet Kaur See Mam.
    5:38 PM Jacquleyn May I ask if you did all the things that was told you to do?
    2:38 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I have a lot of respect toward every one.
    2:39 PM Kamaljeet Kaur You are again diverting whole thing
    2:39 PM Kamaljeet Kaur now you guys are wrong
    2:39 PM Kamaljeet Kaur are after being proven
    2:39 PM Kamaljeet Kaur you are trying make irrelevant arguments
    2:39 PM Kamaljeet Kaur that dont even have anything to do my concerns
    2:40 PM Kamaljeet Kaur and I am not even supposed to tell you that
    2:40 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Its me who got troubles
    2:40 PM Kamaljeet Kaur “May I ask if you did all the things that was told you to do?”
    2:40 PM Kamaljeet Kaur What is relation ship of this question with my concern
    2:41 PM Kamaljeet Kaur How can it help me resolve the main concerns about wrong things being said to my client
    2:41 PM Kamaljeet Kaur ?
    5:41 PM Jacquleyn First things first, you said to your client that you cannot work anymore.
    2:41 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Did your representative’s response depend on this?
    5:42 PM Jacquleyn When oDesk told you to finish all your contract so you can get your funds.
    5:42 PM Jacquleyn Even if we have suspended you, we never stopped you from working to finish all your contract.
    2:42 PM Kamaljeet Kaur yes it said but if you ever read your own policies
    2:42 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I have right to walk off from odesk anytime
    2:43 PM Kamaljeet Kaur even at intial stage of odesk
    2:43 PM Kamaljeet Kaur anytimer
    2:43 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I have that right
    2:43 PM Kamaljeet Kaur to stop working anytime
    2:43 PM Kamaljeet Kaur so I stopped
    2:43 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I told him I wont work on odesk
    2:43 PM Kamaljeet Kaur because my account is suspended
    2:44 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I cant work on odesk means
    2:44 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I cannot work on odesk because I dont want to
    2:44 PM Kamaljeet Kaur do you understand that
    2:44 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Can you understand that?
    2:44 PM Kamaljeet Kaur /
    2:44 PM Kamaljeet Kaur efwiefe
    2:45 PM Kamaljeet Kaur They told me to finish my contract and thats what I am doing
    2:45 PM Kamaljeet Kaur and your representative are not letting me do that
    2:45 PM Kamaljeet Kaur by telling my client that my account is not suspended
    2:46 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I will take this transcript for sure
    2:46 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I think what odesk does needs to shown
    2:46 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Now can you answer please?
    5:47 PM Jacquleyn I understand you have the right to end the contract anytime, not stop working, we mean end contract.
    5:48 PM Jacquleyn I understand that you don’t want to work on oDesk because you don’t want to.
    2:48 PM Kamaljeet Kaur see please. You guys lost on this and I am not here to play some game with you
    2:48 PM Kamaljeet Kaur but my main concern is please at least give right info to my client
    2:48 PM Kamaljeet Kaur please
    2:49 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Can I beg Odesk to do that?
    5:49 PM Jacquleyn Yes, we will.
    5:50 PM Jacquleyn Is there anything else I can help you with?
    2:50 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Now can I know what you guys will tell me client? You cannot tell them because of privacy reasons? Or that my account is suspended
    5:51 PM Jacquleyn We will tell your clients that you will be finishing the contract.
    2:52 PM Kamaljeet Kaur And if this does not happen I will need to see you again Jacquleyn
    5:52 PM Jacquleyn Sure, I will take not on this.
    2:52 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Again I am disturbed with this environment
    2:52 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Not with you personaly
    5:52 PM Jacquleyn I will have it flag in your account so everyone will know what to do.
    5:53 PM Jacquleyn Everyone in oDesk, this flag will only be seen internally.
    2:53 PM Kamaljeet Kaur you mean any one visiting my profile?
    5:54 PM Jacquleyn No, I mean internally. Which means only oDesk agents can see my flag.
    2:54 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Oh Okay
    2:54 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Thats fine
    2:55 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Okay So I am going to quit this now. Though I know you wont take any action against your representative even knowing that they are wrong which makes you too against rules.
    2:55 PM Kamaljeet Kaur THank you
    2:55 PM Kamaljeet Kaur I will take script
    2:55 PM Kamaljeet Kaur and put it in other ticket
    2:55 PM Kamaljeet Kaur and other places I own that right
    2:56 PM Kamaljeet Kaur as world needs to know what odesk is
    2:56 PM Kamaljeet Kaur Thank you
    5:56 PM Jacquleyn You’re welcome.

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