How to Install a WordPress Plugin – From dashboard or Via FTP

WordPress is a very famous Content Management System (CMS) used for website and blog creation by amateurs and non-technical bloggers. This makes more and more new bloggers enter into Blogosphere. To facilitate new bloggers in getting new blog designs, various functions for integration into blogs, wordpress plugins and themes were introduced.

Wordpress Tutorial for Newbies

WordPress Tutorial for Newbies

What are WordPress Plugins?

WordPress plugins are that are used to simplify the code functions of PHP codes in a wordpress website. If a function in a wordpress website is to be attained by a series of complex PHP codes, then these wordpress plugins comes in hand. You can include the particular function in your website by installing the required wordpress plugins in wordpress.

Some evergreen WordPress Plugins of all time:

  • All In SEO Plugin by Yoast¬†– A plugin for complete Onsite SEO optimization of a website.
  • WordFence¬†– Anti Virus protection, security plugin and firewall protection for your website.
  • Backup WordPress – Save your wordpress website. Automate your backups and save your content from getting lost.

So how to install a wordpress plugin in wordpress? WordPress offers 2 different ways to install a plugin. You can upload and install them directly.

Uploading WordPress Plugins through Dashboard

1) Go to WordPress Dashboard.
2) In the Dashboard go to Plugins > Add New tab in wordpress dashboard.

Install Plugin from wp Dashboard

Install Plugin from wp Dashboard

3) a) If you haven’t downloaded the plugin, go to search plugin tab as shown in the figure above.
3) b) In the search form, search with the function you require. For example SEO, Search Engine Optimization.
3) c) After selecting a plugin, search the plugin in google and read the review of the plugin and make sure that this is the best plugin available for the function.
3) d) Now click the Install Now button and the plugin will get installed for your wordpress website.

4) a) Alternative way is to download the wordpress plugin as zip file from the plugin website.
4) b) Now in the Add New Tab, go for Upload tab and upload the plugin zip file and activate it.

Simple way to upload any plugin is to do it by wordpress dashboard.

Uploading WordPress Plugins via FTP

When you have a zip file and you cannot upload a plugin file by wordpress dashboard, you can use this method of uploading, installing and activating the plugins via FTP. This may be useful when

a) When the user have limited access to dashboard because of server restiction.
b) In case the wordpress plugin exceeds the maximum size allowed for upload and shows The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini

So below are the complete procedure for uploading a wordpress plugin via FTP and activating it.

Instructions :

1) Login to your website’s folder using a Ftp client such as firezilla (or) directly using CPanel.
2) In your website’s Public HTML, go to the folder wp-contents > Plugins
3) Now upload the plugin folder as zip folder there.
4) Once the plugin is uploaded, extract the plugin. You can also extract the plugin before uploading via FTP.
5) These plugins are not activated yet.
6) Now to go Dashboard and plugins Section.
7) In the list of installed plugins, displayed in the wordpress dashboard, activate the plugin you would like to install.

Simple!! Installation of a wordpress plugins through FTP is done. WordPress plugin installation is basic in wordpress configuration. Still wordpress plugin has lots of disadvantages and limitations.

Disadvantages of Installing Plugins

  • Though they provide special functions for your website, they slow down your website to a large extent. Also they occupy a significant amount of memory space.
  • To check the loading time of your plugin, you can use the P3 Profiler plugin for wordpress
  • Sometimes, some wordpress plugins insert unwanted links into your website. This may be visible or invisible in nature. This directly affects your search engine rankings and sometimes this may get you Google Penalty like Payday Loan Penalty.

Here are some wordpress plugin lists that will help you in building a complete and excellent wordpress website with multiple features.

1. Guest Posting WordPress Plugins
2. Pricing/Comparison Table Plugins
3. WordPress Popup Plugins
4. Viral Lock Plugins for wordpress

Do you want to share your ideas on wordpress? Share them as comments below.

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