How to Build an Effective Profile on oDesk

Planning to sign up for oDesk. Complete tips on building your odesk profile, what you should do, what you should not and how to make your profile SEO ready.

oDesk is one of the fastest growing freelancer website that have occupied about 40% of the freelancer jobs posted. And new Freelancers always prefer oDesk. And so it is necessary for them to know some tips to build their profile on oDesk

Before you SignUp even

These are the tips you need to know before signing up.

1 Always give original information. Including Email Ids. When you give your email id here, give the mail id you use mostly and it should be personal. Don’t use mail ids like and all. It will question your authenticity.

2 Keep your username such as “SEOMarketing” or something that is related to your field of career. It will help in increasing visibility of your profile, both inside oDesk and in search engines.

Now go to Select that you need to find jobs and sign up.

Building Your Profile

These are some simple tips you have to consider as soon as you sign up as a contractor in oDesk. Always remember that your profile is the only thing initially that will introduce you to a client in oDesk. Once the client is impressed with your rate / cover letter, he will give View profile and so your profile have to be impressive for this.

Once you signup and verify your Email Id, you will see My Profile Completeness tab, Click it and you will be taken to My Contractor Profile page. Now come let’s build an effective profile

How to build a profile on Odesk

My Public Profile

1. Title – Only 70 Characters Allowed

Describe what you are shortly. Your main field of career, the software you are expert in and such things. Avoid statements like “I am a good worker” and all. No one cares

Example : Email Marketing, Aweber, Mailchimp Expert

2. Overview – Unlimited Characters

Now explain briefly everything about you, your skills only in this particular field. For example if you take Web Designing, explain how you plan a project, tools you use, how your design is different and such things.

After this give a personal overview, about planning, hard working and how consistent you are in this field.

Use more terms related to your field like Web Designing, Web Designers in <> and more. It will help in SEO of your profile.

3. Hourly Pay Rate

Initially keep it as 2$ per hour.Not less than that or not higher than that. (For UK/US) You go lower than that and i assure you that your profile will look like a fake one.

For Indians, Flippinos and Bangladeshis, you can keep it lower than that.


Now its time to select the categories, which you may be interested in getting a job. Now select the category based on the following criteria.

  1. First select the accurate category and sub category of your field. Let me take “Email Marketing”
  2. Now select the categories, that are related to your field. For example, sometimes few new clients post ‘Email Marketing’ jobs in Social Media Marketing
  3. Don’t choose categories that are not related to your field. No one is going to offer you a job on that field just as you added it additionally.
  4. Keep number of categories as low as possible. Large number of categories says you know everything, but you are an expert at nothing.

Linked Accounts

  1. Link to your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts. Others most clients don’t view.
  2. Make sure that you don’t post any abusive statuses in Facebook for ‘Public’. You don’t want your client to be discouraged to offer you a job, by your personal life. Do you?
  3. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date.


Adding skills to your account is the most specific part. Clients get a suggestion of contractors, based on these skills.

  1. Try to add all the skills related to your field so that a client never misses your profile, when they get suggestions from oDesk, while posting a job.
  2. Don’t add what you don’t know. Believe me, that is not the exact way to impress a client.
  3. Try adding a skill, which is different or which others never use. For example, only a few users use MailChimp as their skill and so using it as a keyword helps you get more jobs in Email Marketing category.

Employment History

  1. If you have worked in some company before, add it as your experience here.
  2. If you are still working there, then please don’t add it here. Come on Man! It’s a basic common sense. If i am a client, how can i give a project to a contractor, who is doing my work as a hobby. So avoid it.
  3. Same for the Education. Don’t tell that you are a student. (Still most of my clients don’t know that i am doing my education and freelancing is my hobby just)


I have worked as a client for 2 years and i have never looked at the portfolio page :p It’s just that clients who offer small projects never looks at your portfolio things. But clients who look for a long term contractor, decides it based on the portfolio. So here goes some interesting tips.

  1. Add maximum of 6 to 12 best works by you in all time. No client will look more than that.
  2. When you give link to a particular work, make sure that the page is linked back to your oDesk profile.
  3. Never include the works you did with your friends or something like that. Definitely your friend might have included a link or something, which might make the client think that you are faking your work.
  4. If the work cannot be linked to, try adding a screenshot. A portfolio without a picture is less likely to be viewed.


I am not an expert in this area and i have no idea of this to be frank. Now you have an effective profile. What are the next steps?

1. oDesk Readiness Test
2. Getting your First Job on oDesk

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