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If you are a startup guy from India, who is looking for a Shared Hosting to start a blog, or start a group of blogs and explore blogging, then Hostgator India is the best option available for Indians. But if you are going to host any applications or any legal documents, i will not be recommending Hostgator India.

Hostgator India is the Indian version of Hostgator, one of the Top 10 Web hosting provider globally. After building a global market around the world, Hostgator have decided to build up their next large market in India – Hostgator India. Thought it is being a big head ache for resellers of Hostgator US, still the market is growing and let’s have a look of the various plans, servers, the payment methods.

Now let’s go through the complete Review of Hostgator India. This review is not based on the server types or hosting type but on the overall Brand company of Hostgator India – Simply Hostgator India Review.

Advantages of Hostgator India :

In this column of review, i will briefly state why you should be buying Web Hosting from Hostgator India – The advantages you get by buying Hosting from Hostgator India.

1. Payment Methods :

Though Hostgator had been the best affordable Host in India, most startup bloggers had trouble in signingup for Hostgator because of the payment method – Paypal or credit card. Unfortunately for Indians (like me) it had been a real head ache. For signing Shared hosting with Hostgator i had to run about 2 weeks for a credit card.

But Hostgator India rectifies the problem. Payment is offered in about 6 Payment methods including Mail In Payment. So literally anyone, even one without bank account can sign up for Hosting.

More over, you need not worry and put your Hosting at stake when one of your payment methods is not working.

2. cPanel :

If someone chooses Hostgator India among other web hosts like BigRock, GoDaddy or anything, the reason is integrated cPanel Pro. Cpanel lets you to manage your files and other services very easily. Moreover, Hostgator has the most viable and easy to learn cPanel video tutorials which makes the task so simple.

Some other web hosts charge about Rs.400 per month for cPanel integration.

List of best web hosting providers in IndiaNew

3. Unlimited, Unlimited, Unlimited :

Probably this might be the thing, that you have attracted if you are buying a shared hosting (Business Plan or even Baby Plan). Hostgator gives an affordable Unlimited domains, sub-domains and unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Sometimes they really mean it. (In case of domains, subdomains, you can host unlimited domains and subdomains in single cpanel, all by a single click.)

4. 24*7 Trustable Best Customer Support :

Hostgator India has got the best customer support in the whole country. When i ask them about a poblem, they solve it, explain me why it happened and give links to the articles how i should prevent this from happening again. Really they do. Though in past, it used to show some of their departments are offline, now they have integrated their chat facility with the global chat facility.

5. Localised Servers improving SEO :

Hosting your servers locally in India helps in local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your blog. Your blog will be listed faster in searches and more local traffic will be targetted to your website. If you want a larger% of US customers, then host your server there.

6. Easy weesy Transfer :

You want to transfer website from any other web host, all you have to do is filling up a little form out there and you are up. They will transfer the website and inform you.

7. Easy WordPress Installation :

Hostgator India allows wordpress installation and they have even started selling it as WordPress Hosting. They will transfer yyour website even from for free.

Hostgator WordPress India Review

8. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee – Security :

So far Hostgator India is the web host with 99.9% uptime guarantee. And they mean it. I have used both Hostgator India and GoDaddy. Once GoDaddy servers were hacked and all my website data were gone. This was a global attack and no one can log in into GoDaddy accounts even (GoDaddy improved their security there after). But Hostgator gives a serious view on the security issues. Even on minor wordpress hacks, they send out Alert Emails to the users.

9. 45 Days Money Back Guarantee :

Though i haven’t tried this myself, so far i have found no one complaining against this policy of Hostgator India. Within 45 days if you are not satisfied with the Hosting in anyway, you can just get back your money. No contracts.

10. Free Softwares & Features :

QuickInstall, SohoLaunch, Instant PHPnukes, Instant Blogs and all the other features – you get it for free in Shared Hosting of Hostgator India. Other than that they have got about 4500+ themes, e-Commerce websites and everything for free.

Disadvantages of Hostgator India :

1. Service Tax 12.5%

Oh this is India! And you have to pay a service tax of 12.5% which raises the already high hosting plan by 12.5%. So if you have credit card or paypal account, i will be sure. Go for Hostgator US.

2. Security Problems :

A web security friend of mine (Saravanan recently sent me a mail that the security at Hostgator India has many loopholes and can be easily hacked. Also he stated that GoDaddy have increased their security after the global hack.

Recently, XSS vulnerability in Hostgator took down about 1 million websites

3. Bit Complex Legal Problems :

Hostgator has some bit of complex legal terms and conditions. I have read about 200 reviews by various customers around web and those who gave 1 star rating for Hostgator India or Hostgator had the same legal problem. So i suggest you, whatever you put in Hostgator, better have an external backup.

4. No Contact with Authority :

When you have a problem, you contact the chat representative, he says some blah blah… When he is wrong, you go to another blah blah not a technical head. (I have been writing about this to Hostgator India constantly. Hope they consider it soon)

So The final touch is, if you are a startup guy, who is looking for a Shared Hosting to start a blog, or start a group of blogs and explore blogging, then Hostgator India is the best option available for Indians. But if you are going to host any applications or any legal documents, i will not be recommending Hostgator India.

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6 thoughts on “Hostgator India Review – Should you buy it?

  1. Hey thanks , Good comparison between HostGator USA and HostGator India .

    My only concern is the difference in servers. HG India has its datacenter in hyderabad hi-tech city with CntrLS.
    I have used HG USA and have never faced any difficulty , I am now contemplating the option of HG India due to the payments . And I have read many negative reviews about the server quality in India. Can anyone answer whether their issues have been resolved ???

    • Hi Bunty, their servers are maintained by local companies here, if i am not wrong, its Softlayer Inc.. So they might have server issues.. No they are not completely perfect yet..

      I will recommend HG US, unless

      i) u don’t have a credit card
      ii) you are hosting a website that targets India only..

    • Legal Problems – They remove the content without warning, if there’s any copyright complaint from others, even without checking properly. And most customer service executives don’t even know fully about it when clients contact them…

      Thanks for stopping by.. Stay in touch…

  2. i use hostgator dedicated server but not satisfied because hostgator services is very bed so please i am tired with hostgator so please not use hostgator. Hostgator agent is say’s next time no problem but next one or two day same problem created. i am feel discounting.

  3. you are missed major things 25 process limits at a time if this happen you can get internal server error.

    also CPU resources usage not more than 25 of CPU usage in 90 seconds in shared servers. WordPress not good for host gator try blue host

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