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As far as design and customization this plugin is the only best wordpress comparison table plugin available in the market. But if you give more importance to your time, stay out - Because no imports, no live preview, making it hard, real hard. Sadly you have no alternative (so far!)

Go Pricing WordPress Plugin Review

Go Pricing WordPress Plugin Review

Pretty much everything in Web development have been introduced into WordPress as plugins to help beginners and bloggers without technical web development knowledge to play their role in content marketing. So whatever a blogger finds difficult to do in web development, he could do that in WordPress plugins in a matter of minutes.

One of the most important thing, i found difficult to create, was a pricing table / a comparison table, which would let me to compare products. Because a comparison table can help a visitor make his decision faster and helps in increased conversion. So I was looking for a perfect comparison pricing table to use in my website. And then i came across “GoPricing WordPress Plugin by Codecanyon” after a long search and trial of various other plugins.

I used it in my previous blog posts and found it very useful and so i decided to write a review on this “Go Pricing WordPress Plugin”

Go Pricing Plugin – An Introduction

(Live Demo of this plugin)

Go Pricing WordPress plugin has been developed primarily to compare products. Easy to create and customize, these comparison tables can be integrated into any pages through simple shortcodes, as many times as you want and also in the same page. This makes this plugin excellent.

This plugin also supports integration of videos (from youtube, vimeo, screenr) and images which makes this plugin suitable for new bloggers too. This plugin comes in 15 Styles and 7 Colors. So you can use this plugin without doing any design part – even without tweaking codes a little. The tables created by this plugins are mobile responsive and you need not worry about modifying them.

So, lets see a brief review of this plugin.



  • Easy Customization of the tables.
  • Shortcode Insertion.
  • Supports Videos, Images.
  • 90+ Templates with 600+ Icons.
  • Tooltip to display comments.
  • Price Header, HTML Header, Image Header.
  • 32 Ribbons to highlight offers.
  • A lot more..
  • No Import from Excel sheet.
  • Documentation is not heavy.
  • Buy Buttons are not “rel=nofollow”
  • Highlighting text in Rows is Manual.
  • Columns restricted to 5.
  • No Live Preview



Review of This Plugin

A small table of the features and the limitations of this plugin. I have used this plugin for two posts till now and i am writing this review based on my experience.

Easy Building and Customization of Tables

Go Pricing Plugin Options

Go Pricing Table Construction Page

Most excellent and highly reputable feature of Go Pricing wordpress plugin. Building of a table is very easy and dynamic, like playing like a video game. You will enjoy it, click and drag, cloning columns, inserting shortcode everything can be done without code.

Also in each header section you can choose the style of the header, the table, the columns, the tooltip requirements and everything. Do you need icons before points, there is a shortcode inserter with every column. You can complete a table in few minutes.

90+ Predesigned Templates

Best pat of the plugin which i liked a lot. There are 15 Templates in each color and 7 colors totally. So you could choose a template which is right for you among the collection. So you do not have to worry about designing, even if you have dark version websites. And you know what? You can choose separate design for each column. There is highlighting facility, which makes a particular column stand out of others.

Video and Images Support

Want to include a video or an Image in any part of the table? Do not search around for codes. Everything is automated for easy use. Simply, find the URL in youtube, vimeo or screenr and insert it here.. In case of images, upload them using uploader and you are done. Simple isn’t it?

Icons, Buttons, Ribbons etc

Go Pricing Plugin Ribbons

Ribbons Selection

Icons – 600+ icons which can be inserted as shortcodes in a minute.
Buttons – Supports regula buttons with icons and also custom buttons. They claim to support S2 membership plugin with paypal.
Ribbons – Attractive New, Save, Top, 50% tag ribbons to highlight a particular product.

Updates and Support

They keep it frequently updated, fixing up bugs and also the customer support is excellent. They clear out queries within 24 hours and when i went through the comments, almost everyone is happy with the plugin support.

Where and Why should you use this comparison table?

  • In affiliate blogs where you promote multiple products. Because people like easy comparison more than a whole list of features.
  • These tables helps to make a faster decision and hence a higher conversion.
  • In Comparing two bloggers, two team members and anything you can think off.


3. Limitations

This plugin though very helpful has many limitations. Though they are minor ones, they decrease your productivity time a little. So here i have listed some limitations here.

  • You cannot import a table from excel sheet or csv format. If you have prepared some comparison there, then you should type them manually. Problem is you cannot do this directly there too. You will get confused.
  • Number of columns are restricted to 5, so any more products, you cannot use this plugin.
  • No Live Preview. The Real Pain. Every time you want to see the change, you have to save it, insert it in a post and preview it to check.

4. Conclusion

Rating : 3.5 out of 5 Stars
Price : $17

Final word is, as far as design and customization this plugin is the only best wordpress comparison table plugin available in the market. But if you give more importance to your time, stay out – Because no imports, no live preview, making it hard, real hard. Sadly you have no alternative (so far!)


Was this review satisfying? Do you think that there is a rival for this plugin? Drop your thoughts as comments below!!

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