How to Get your first job on oDesk – Simple Tips

Simple tips that will help you get hired on oDesk in 2 days maximum. Complete tips on the type of job, the rate you should apply at and the cover letter format.

Have your built your profile on oDesk. Took oDesk Readiness Test?

Now let us know How to get your first job on oDesk. Getting the first job in oDesk is the hardest thing on oDesk if you ask me. With hundreds of experienced contractors applying for the same job with 5 star feedback, its very hard and nearly impossible to get noticed. So how to get noticed?

Let me help you with that.

What type of Job you should Look for?

1 Look for a job with a    budget from 10$-20$ . No more than that. Applying as a newbie for the project that is higher than 20$ is a waste of time. A client posting a project at this level will not have time to look at different contractors. He will just choose the best.

2 Look for the job that has a different tone.

Lets say “Need a Social Marketer” and “I need Facebook Page get more likes and fans”

Now i say choose the second one. Because the posting clearly indiactes that this client is new to the field. He will look a lot into applications and you have a chance to get noticed easily. Also many experienced contractors avoid these kind of jobs.

3 Look for jobs from clients who have spent less money on previous projects. (Mostly from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines and some from US too. All they want is a quality work at low budget and they do not worry about spending some time with the applications. So go for them.

4 Final priority is, which you may think most important ofcourse is the number of contractors. Apply for jobs that have less than 10 contractors or maximum 15.

Which Jobs to Avoid :

1 Newbie Jobs : Seriously guys, he is going to just cheat you giving you some test job or “You work now, i will hire” jobs. These clients are experts in making you work without paying you. They will come with wonderful strategies for that.

2. Simple Typing Job / Captcha filling jobs : They will just say that you have to type in seeing the image. But the truth is they will use to hack other websites. And this is ILLEGAL.

Now that you have selected the job which is best for you, let’s see how to apply for the job.


First job on oDesk

How to Apply for First Job :

i) Keep the rate as 10% of the original rate you would charge for such a job. And as the total budget will be less than 20$ it won’t affect you much.

ii) Cover Letter Trick 1 : Reading the first letter your client should know, that this is not a spam letter everyone sends. Say something about the work, answer some question he asked or something like that.

iii) Cover Letter Trick 2 : Don’t write more than 250 words unless you can’t cover the answers for the questions he asked.

Complete Tutorial on How to write a Cover Letter in oDesk. New

iv) Cover Letter Trick 3 : In the cover letter, explain him that you are the best and the low rate is just because that you have to build up your resume. Assure them that you will work at the same rate in coming projects.

v) Cover Letter trick 4 : Do you have web pages that can illustrate your skills better than a letter. Just link to your portfolio web pages. Clients click on links often than reading through the whole letter.

vi) Cover Letter Trick 5 : Don’t include your work or portfolio as an attachment. No one is even going to look at that.

Closing the Project :

Now have you been invited for an Interview? Over skype? Just go for it. It needs no trick. All you need is pure skills. Show them what you have and you will get the job.

So Share what you feel is right and wrong here…

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