3 Best (Only Needed) Time Management Tools for Freelancers to increase their productivity


Being a Freelancer, working out of an office, where everything is scheduled and planned, you will find it difficult to track time for various purposes..

You need to know what you are doing.

So i have listed out the best tools to manage your time.

Time Management Tools to Increase productivity

Time management is the most important part of the well balanced Freelancer. without Time Management, a Freelancer will find it hard to improve his quality of work and balance his life between Life and Family…

Time Management tools for Freelancers

Time Management Freelancers

Being a new freelancer at the age of 21, you can keep working all day without venturing out for a cup of tea..

But are you going to be so always? Aren’t you getting a life?

Do you want to be a guy who does some work for a piece of bread or a Professional startup?

So to be professional freelancer and balance your life, you should MANAGE YOUR TIME.

Tools for Time Management – For Freelancers

Following are the tools that will help you to manage your time (To an extent)..

For complete time management you should use this tool –> YOU 🙂

1. TeuxDeux – To Do List Tool

A tool to track all your duties together, thus decreasing your time for planning and execution.

Time Management Tools for Freelancers to increase productivity

Time Management Tool 1 – Teudeux

  • Simple To-Do App. Starts from 2$ per month.
  • Available for iOS.
  • Simply to track all To-Dos for the day without spending much time one integration.
  • Recurring To Do lists and Custom lists.

2. Rescue Time – Track what you do

A simple tool which is used to track and analyze the time you spend on your system. From Notepad to Facebook… And you can get a weekly report through which you can analyze and save your time. Most Productive website of all the tools.

Time Management Tools for Freelancers 2 - Rescue Time

Rescue Time – Time Management tool 2

  • Track the time you spend on system as soon as you start working.
  • Weekly report. Know where you waste your time and get back.
  • Spending more time on a particular website?? You can plan an alert to notify you.
  • Block websites when you spend time more than the pre-assigned amount.
  • Set your goals. Know what prevents you from doing it.

3. Toggl – Spreadsheet/Diary of what you did

A tool to track the amount of time you take to finish each task every day. Not only that – You can plan tasks and

Time Management tool for Freelancers 3 - Toggl

Time Management Tool 3 – Toggl

  • Enter the task and start the timer.
  • Track the time needed to complete particular task.
  • Compare, Analyze and bill the time used for the particular productive work.
  • Timeline View – Best feature what other tools don’t have.
  • Track time in Mobiles – Are you a cold caller? Now you can track the time through this application.
  • Never lose track of your work – Online or Offline

So manage your time, know where you waste your time and rectify it; Now concentrate on improving your productivity.

Do you really think that i need to add any tools here? Comment below..

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