What should a Freelance web designer do when he has no project?

Freelancer life has its own advantages and disadvantages. When you have the great advantage of working whenever you like… And as a Freelance web designer, it will be relaxing and highly productive when you work on your terms But i am sure, it will be difficult for you to get a project, when you haven’t established your name well enough.

So, what if you don’t have any project in hand? What should you do?

Sitting simply and waiting for a project is not going to get you anywhere.

Here i have listed some ideas on what you should do when you have no project in hand.

1. Make Sure that you have no project

“If you have no project in hand, then you have not searched enough.” That’s right.

How many Freelance websites have you searched so far? 2? 3?

Then you haven’t searched enough.. Before you build up yourself as a successful Freelancer, you have to do (70% job search + 30% work)

So now search all the Freelancer websites that offer designing.

I know you are lazy.. I have listed List of all the Freelancer websites in this universe.

Now search there..

Remember! The website might have a negative feedback or small. But remember, in smaller freelance websites, you have less competition and hence higher chance of getting hired.


2. Why not ask your clients?

Ask your past clients!!

Ask your past clients!!

The easiest way to get a project is to ask someone you know..

Someone who already gave a project and is extremely satisfied with you.

Your previous clients.

  • Always keep a list of your previous clients with their contact details and their feedback. Mark their satisfaction level in the project you worked on.
  • So now, you are going to mail them. And try to get a project from them.
  • Prepare a mail for all your clients with the following 3 parts – [General Enquiry + About his projects + Expressing your wish to work with him again]
  • Let me show it with an example…
  • General Enquiry : This part of the letter should contain a general enquiry about them and a small line of how you are..

Hi Sam,

Hope you are doing good..!

I am doing fine and just thought of pinging you..

It had been a long time since we worked together on your website.

How is your life?

How much clients have you worked on with so far?

Of them, how many have you generated online?

Hope that ((this service)) has scope in the near future.

  • Now the client will be assured that this mail is not a spam, asking for a job.. Now lets take the second step.
  • About his Projects : Now its time to get into the project domain.. Go through his social media accounts and monitor his growth and achievements. Now you are going to congratulate him on his new achievements, jobs and projects.

I have been following you over LinkedIn and found that you have started new website to sell HTML themes..


And ***** theme designed by ****** was wonderful.

Though there are some problems in the payment gateway.

  • Expressing your needs : Now its time to express your wish to work with them. Make sure that it is short and appealing.

Going through the themes and the objectives of the website, i thought that i would fit right in through your team.

I can work as a Freelancer helping you through theme designing or website designer.

I have sent a clear plan of what i am capable of.

Looking forward to work with you.


Vignesh Kumar


Though asking for job from previous clients is a good idea, you should not commit the following mistakes

  • First thing is “Never ask for project directly”. When you do that, you will become a bugging head ache for them and mostly, they won’t reply you.
  • Don’t send messages in chat services like Skype or Facebook.. Mail them.. It will be 250% more effective.

Easiest way.. Still some clients might not reply, may take some time to reply to you. Never mind. No one succeeds over night.

No what’s next?

Some Articles you should never miss!! New
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3. Top 10 Best Freelancer websites of 2013 for Freelancers

3. Create Themes and Sell them.

Still no sign of getting a project?

Feeling that you haven’t got that much exposure and trust among the clients?

A single solution for both. Create products/designs and sell them.

Here are some websites where

Confused? Let me explain briefly.

  • 75% new clients start their website design by buying themes.
  • When you are the designer of a theme, you have higher chance to get hired by the client in future.
  • Amateur clients entering Internet to build their Online presence will not know about freelancing. So they go for themes. Cover them!! And introduce them to Freelancing.

Showcasing your work is better than explaining how you will work. – Alan Henry

  • Now you can earn by two methods – Selling the theme, Providing extra support for the clients.

4. Top 10 HTML Websites of 2014

The idea is – Designing the best website design and getting exposure by this.

What if, you are the designer of such a wonderful website that gets listed as Top website of the year..

Imagine yourself getting an award from a website / org that you are the best web designer of 2014.

Now get out there..
Utilize this time…
Unleash your imagination and create the best website of the year..


  • When you have no projects, you have ‘time’ in hands.. Utilize it.. Learn new things.. Improve yourself…
  • Take a break.. When you return back to designing, you will work as if you are running on booster..
  • Competitions.. Get into a renowned competition online and expose your skills..


Hope my tips are useful for you!! If you think that i should add / change / delete anything here, comment below..

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  1. I recently read your article on hosting raja while I was searching for a hosting for my new business, surprisingly the comments were closed… :). Any way what you wrote were only about the marketing practices by almost all web hosting providers on the internet. The main thing we have to look while choosing a host is their ability to maintain the complicated set of server side programs and keep the sites running. Also how quickly they respond to customers. Learn to see things from a multiple perspective 🙂

    • Hi Mazhar, Thanks for visiting my blog. Sorry I closed the comments in that page temporarily, because of request from Hosting Raja through comments. I have opened them now. And by the way, most companies use marketing practices like faking reviews, by paying bloggers and so on. But Hosting Raja writes their own reviews across web. And they rate their own websites (3 so far) as top hosting companies. As i mentioned clearly in the blog post, i have reviewed only the marketing practices, and will come with the review soon.

      And please note, the topic of post = Hosting Raja Scams – A Review.

      In future, you can comment in the Hosting Raja page.


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