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On October 20, 2013
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Flipkart Affiliate program is the best choice if you have a lot of search engine traffic from India[/highlight], from small towns. This is because Flipkart has reached almost every citizen in India and have branded their name.If you have traffic from Metropolitan cities, i suggest you to go for Amazon Affiliate.

Flipkart Affiliate Program is one of the best affiliate marketing programs available for Indians in present. With a broad range of products from Books, Ebooks, Mobiles to Computers, Flipkart have dominated online shopping market till June 2013 (Launch of Amazon)

So what do you think about Flipkart Affiliate Program? Is it worth trying and working on?

Flipkart Affiliate Review :

Flipkart Affiliate program is the Affiliate Marketing offered by the leading Ecommerce webssite from India, the Flipkart. Flipkart Affiliate Marketing is one of the 5 best affiliate marketing programs in India in present. Despite the slow growth of online purchases in India and Online shopping trends, Flipkart has captured about 80% of the online shopping market in India. As this is the only Affiliate Program in India (when started) offering wide range of products, it was the best till June 2013.

Now Amazon India Affiliate Program is a big competitor to Flipkart Affiliate Program.

So let’s see a general review on Flipkart Affiliate Program


Flipkart Affiliate Program Advantages

1. Brand Name :

Flipkart is the leading e-commerce website in India. They have branded their service, being the first in the market. They have gained the trust. And so it’s easy to convince users to order products in Flipkart.

2. No Que for Approval :

The next thing is unlike other affiliate marketing programs, you need not apply, and wait for their approval. All you have to do is, just register for the Affiliate account and you are ready to promote products.

3. Wide Range of Products :

Flipkart market includes a wide range of products – Mobile, Books, Ebooks, Computers, Clothes, Games, Footwear, Watches, Wallet and whatever whatever. So you need not search separate program for each product you promote. You can manage them all in a single account.

4. Banners and Widgets :

One click banners and widgets. Just by searching for a product and clicking “Generate Affiliate Link”, you can get the required banners, widgets and all the required marketing materials. It will be of great help for amateur Internet Marketers.

5. Direct Bank Deposit :

Once you have reached the minimum threshold amount (currently Rs.2500) they deposit it directly to your bank account, which is best for Indians. Most bloggers won’t have Paypal account or Moneybrookers account when they startup. So it will be of great help.

6. Search Bar :

The only thing that attracted me a lot. Search bar… In a particular blog page, if you are unsure, which product they would want to purchase, just include the search bar and you are ready to go.

7. High Commission Rates :

Flipkart have increased their commission rates after the entry of Amazon India. Currently they offer more than 15% commission for most products.

8. Indian Traffic :

If you have more than 60% website traffic from India, then definitely you have to go for Flipkart Affiliate Marketing program, because if you promote other programs, most probably there will be less conversion due to various reasons (Lack of credit card/ Paypal account etc)

Flipkart Affiliate Program Disadvantages

1. Short Cookie Duration :

You get paid only if they purchase a particular product, within 24 hours of clicking through and visiting the Flipkart product page. If they take more time, you will get nothing.

2. Poor Tracking Reports :

Flipkart Affiliate Program has the worst tracking system i would say. Though it calculates the number of visitors accurately, it doesn’t have reports on what they did, why they exited, where they exited (Some Affiliate programs do have them) or whether they ordered the particular product. You have to wait for 3 days to know whether the users ordered a product.

3. Rate of Cancellation :

The rate of cancellation of products is about 30%, particularly in Electronics section. As users can cancel orders for about 30 days, sometimes we incur a loss of profit.

4. Loading Time of Iframe Codes :

iFrame codes provided by Flipkart takes about 7 seconds to load. This decreases your quality score in Google search.

5. Banned Marketing Methods :

Flipkart does not allow affiliate marketing links that come paid search results.For example, i cannot promote my affiliate link using Google Adwords (See Terms and Conditions)

6. Only registered Websites :

Flipkart will pay only if the traffic comes from the websites you added in the account section. Or else they will withhold your payment. (For example: If i added vdestine.com in my account section, then traffic should not come from vdestine.com or any other website till you add them too)

7. Poor Customer Support :

You write to their affiliate support team and you will get answer on NEVER.. You have to figure out what goes wrong yourself..


8. No Affiliate facility for Pre Orders :

I found this very recently and was very frustrated. For preorder of books, before their release, we do not have Affiliate Liking facility. But 30% of popular books’ sales takes place in this period and so this is a major advantage for Affiliates promoting books.

Final Review – Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart Affiliate program is the best choice if you have a lot of search engine traffic from India, from small towns. This is because Flipkart has reached almost every citizen in India and have branded their name.If you have traffic from Metropolitan cities, i suggest you to go for Amazon Affiliate.

So what do you think about Flipkart Affiliate Program?

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7 thoughts on “Flipkart Affiliate Program Review

  1. Flipkart’s Affiliate program is currently the best choice for bloggers and online affiliate marketers in India. However, the program is not that great for affiliates when you compare it to say Amazon’s program. The short-lived cookie, and a lot of other stupid rules and terms makes it a pain. I could only hope Amazon India to outwit Flipkart and have a good affiliate program in place like in Amazon US.

  2. An order placed through my blog was deleted today… How can i know what exactly happened… it was a Moto G order so Flipkart must not have returned the money in any case… Order was dated 13 April… Or is Flipkart trying to cheat their affiliates ?

  3. Hi I started Flipkart affiliate marketing just 4 days back and luckily I got one sale yesterday (12 May) and it was Moto G. I will have to wait for 30 days till it gets credited to my account permanently. Right now it’s in pending (because customer can return the product anytime within 30 days). I will update here later if something happens with this order.

    Do you have any idea how to put tracking for two website. See I have added two websites on Flipkart, now I want to track which website is bringing me the traffic and the sale. If you have any idea on this then please do share.

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