Fiverr – An Complete Introduction for Beginners

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What is Fiverr?
How Fiverr works
Why you should try Fiverr

Have you ever heard of the word “Fiverr”? No? Then i think you are sinner.. You have wasted, i would say about 30% of the earning opportunities online.. Whoever you may be – A student? A web designer? A writer?? A sports personnel??

“”I think you should know about FIVERR””

What is Fiverr?

  • Fiverr is a market place website, where you can sell any service or product just at 5$.
  • Introduced in 2009, i will say, this is the right place for freelancers to start selling their services.
  • This is also the only market place available online where you can earn out of your hobby.
  • Services, products and Micro-Services being referred to as Gigs are bought and sold.

How Fiverr Works?


  • A product manufacturer or a freelancer wants to sell his service or product.
  • He goes to Fiverr.. Signup as a seller..
  • Creates his profile based on the service he is offering or the product he is selling..
  • Waits for the orders..
  • When client orders, he accepts it and starts working for him..
  • After he sends the product to the client or finishes the work for the client, clients rates them based on the quality of the work or the product.
  • Based on the rating, Clients moves forward in the category and gets more exposure.
  • Now he gets the payment to his account, which he can withdraw to his local account.


  • Goes through a list of enlisted gigs based on the categories – Services or Products.
  • Based on the rating and delivery rate, client select the best product and service..
  • Now they order the Gig via Fiverr..
  • Once ordered, they check the status of the service and product online..
  • When the work is completed or the product is received, they rate the service or product.

Why Fiverr??

For a Freelancer

Freelancers always struggle to establish themselves as they begin to offer services. Are you a freelancer entering freelancing? I think Fiverr is the best place for you to start up with. Because,
Freelancers Fiverr

  • With Fiverr, you will not have to write custom cover letters every time. All you do is to update your profile once.
  • Clients will come to you when they need your services.
  • Easy portfolio building – You do the same service over and over, but you get to build your portfolio and client base faster.
  • Recurring Clients – By doing best service for the clients, you can build up your client base, from whom you can get more works in future.

For a Product Seller

With Fiverr, you can market, sell and get rated for your products faster than you can by normal marketing methods. Because in Fiverr, being a well advertised market place, you will get noticed faster. Some reasons why you should try Fiverr

  • Your products get listed, marketed, rated very easily compared to the other product selling websites.
  • Your product need not be a big, unique one to be listed.
  • You will be given testimonials by the clients, which you can use later to list it in the product website.

So whatever it is that you want to sell, service or a product, the best place to start with is Fiverr.

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