Exact Match Domain Penalty / EMD Penalty (With Recovery) – Another Twist in Tale

Here goes another milestone twist in tale penalty by Google… Are you using a premium domain like “directkeyword.com” for SEO purposes? Your website has comparatively less content than your competitors? Then i say you have a problem.

This is what Matt Cutts said on 29th Sep 2012.

Matt Cutts on EMD Penalty
And Many websites that ran through premium Exact Match domain name as their main SEO method were taken down from Google results. Roughly it affected about 0.6% of search results, as per Matt Cutts.

And the Internet is full of Queries like : EMD Penalty, EMD Penalty Recovery, What is EMD Penalty.

Example : SEOservicesinindia.com , Howtostartablog.com

So are you affected too? Probably you should read this.. Not affected? Then you should prevent yourself…

What is Exact Match Domain Penalty

1. Exact Match Domain is an attempt to take out the comparitively low quality content websites with exact domain name as the keyword.

For Example, Take the website “howtoblog.com”

It has the exact keyword “How to Blog” So automatically it will have SEO advantage over other websites. And it will rank higher than websites having much better content and branded Domain Name.

2. So this is what Google did. They removed the websites from the results for the exact keyword “How to Blog”

Will EMD Penalty Affect Me?

Exact Match Domain Penalty by Google, will affect all of the following… Make sure you are not one of them. If you are, then better check out the recovery methods and prepare yourself for it.

1. Websites like keyword.com / keywordmodifier.com

If you have a website like this, then you are going to get affected by it unless you have high Authority over that keyword. Though this will not affect the appearance of your website in other related Keywords, your direct Keyword will get affected.

2. Branded Websites like VDestine.com and VDestine.net

If you have branded your name and have 2 different websites under 2 different TLDs with different content, then you are going to get affected the most.

Except one site all other websites are going to be taken down for the Brand Name.

Here is a live example

How EMD Penalty affected my websites

I have 3 websites – 2 websites and a blog.

1. vdestine.com – Upcoming Website for my company. Which will act as our main website

2. vdestine.com – A Blog on Hosting, Blogging, SEO, SMM and other (New, Developing)

3. vdestine.blogspot.com – My old blog, which has lot of content, but nothing of value and quality.

Now when i search for VDestine, what i get on Google is the 3rd blog and the other 2 are taken down. Though it appears for other keywords, for main brand name “VDestine”, it has been taken down. Note here VDestine.com and VDestine.net are TLDs

Is it Possible to recover

Yes!! Two Exact Domain Match Websites Can Coexist

Yes you read it right!!! Though they remove websites with exact names, 2 websites can coexist. For example see below

Websites not affected by EMD Penalty

These 2 Domains have exactly same keyword “TNEA 2013” Though they both appear in search results, because they both have enough authority. And this penalty haven’t affected their ranks in anyway.

So yes!! You can recover.. But If your website is based just on the keyword ALONE, its gonna cost you a fortune.

How to Recover from EMD Penalty

Though there are no exact proven ways (researched and explained by SEO experts), there are certain revealations from the search results and other metrics of Google, that can help us in recovering from the Exact Match Domain Penalty.

1. Social Media Marketing

Increase user interaction, social media Shares – Facebook Likes, Twitter Tweets and Google +1 s. Because a lot of social interaction in your website shows Google that your Post if users and not search engines.

Believe Me, after 2 other Google Updates, Google +1s is going to occupy major part of SEO, so prepare for it.

2. More Content !! Regular Content !!

Start posting content more content to your Blogs and websites… The more the indexed pages in Google, more will be your chances of recovering soon.

3. Diversify Anchor Text (External & Internal)

Stop Internal Linking and Internal Linking with the same Keyword (as in your domain name) That indicates you are over optimising your page for a particular keyword. Don’t do that! Start Linking with various keywords

4. Increase the Number of Pages

All sites that are removed had only 10 or less than 10 pages.. So keep updating your website. A lots of pages on diversified topics. Write new articles so that your website don’t appear to be based on a single keyword.

5. Increase Authority BackLinks

Usual thing!! Try to get Backlinks from websites that have high Authority in your field (PR5 or more) It will help you recover faster

So What Now?

So did all that? Now you have to wait for Google to Index your website.. And brace yourself till next update from GOOGLE… and my advice is Write Content for Audience and you will never get affected by any Google Updates

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