$$$ 2 Best Courses that taught me to EARN money ONLINE in 3 days

Hi Friends, If you are following my blog for a long time, you are well aware of the fact that I am trying to earn money online – Fast and Easy. And I have found few courses that helped me personally and some of my friends in making a passive income online. Now here are the list of those courses for the readers of VDestine.

Nothing good, comes FREE!! But I can make a promise… If you follow any one of the courses below, I guarantee you, that you will make atleast 1000$ per month from next 3 days.

Before proceeding, you should note few things.

  • Most of these courses are from UDemy, and so you got 30 day money back guarantee.
  • I have manually tried all these courses personally and I EARN.
  • I have listed investment requirements below each course. Always start with lowest.
  • Bigger the risk, BIGGER THE PROFIT!!

So here goes the list of courses, which helped me earn like some 195$ in last 18 days. (Oh I made 40$ investment)

1. Making Money With ClickBank (Even Without A Website!)

My second most favorite course of all time. And also, the best course for beginners / students,who want every step to be explained precisely and clearly. I had little knowledge in Internet Marketing before studying this course. And this course was very useful for me in improving my knowledge on Internet Marketing.


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Glimpses of the Course :

  • I earned 270$ from Clickbank in 17 days. (I am a slow learner)
  • I didn’t spend much on this method. I spent 4$ at one instance.
  • I had Hosting (Bought at 3$ per month for a year) and so I used it instead of the free method.

About this Course :

This course is all about making money online via Clickbank. There are lots of courses. So what makes this special? This course teaches you to make money from Clickbank without a website or even a blog. In this course, Tan have made a clear tutorial on “identifying a product to sell in clickbank, finding product to create direct links, directing traffic to the products, best traffic sources, squeeze page designing and generating leads.”

Unlike other courses, in this course, Kc Tan have exactly illustrated the method using his personal experiences. He even shows how he generates traffic from search engines through Pay per click (PPC) advertising.

Why you should choose this course :

  • In this course, he have not just illustrated ‘how to’ tutorials. He further completely shows how to advertise effectively to get Ultra targeted traffic.
  • To help students earn too, he have made tutorials to earn without investments unless necessary.
  • If you are a student with no experience in INTERNET MARKETING, this is the best course to start with.
  • If this course can make a snail like me earn, it will make you learn too.. I promise..

Other Details:

Time taken: 2 Days Days taken to earn: 6 Days How much I earned: $195 (18 Days) Course Fee: $199$30 only Coupon: FALL (70% Off)

Click Bank is the best way for students for them to make money. Because other methods like Affiliate Marketing (My personal favorite!! Both are nearly same, but other products are hard to market, and have lots of competition).. So next comes, my best try..

2. Affiliate Marketing – Make Money Online

My most favorite course of all time. (The reason I listed in second is its best in my case, but for others, first is the one 🙂 ) Do you know the basics of Affiliate Marketing? And do you want to make good money? Well, here is the best course for you to shine in Affiliate Marketing.

If you think only way to drive traffic is paid traffic, NO.. This course completely helps you in driving traffic completely through search engines and organic traffic.

Glimpses of the Course :

  • I earned $80 from Amazon Affiliate alone in 3 days. (But I used paid and shortcut traffic!)
  • Gave me complete guide on identifying keywords, which is very easy to rank from.
  • I prefer this Affiliate Marketing more than Clickbank. Because of the generalized products.

About this Course :

This course is all about making money online by Affiliate Marketing. One of the low cost courses, that clearly describes and teaches you in “finding the perfect affiliate marketing product, researching the keyword to target on, driving traffic to the website, creating leads and lists and selling products, thus generating money.”

Lisa Irby have made it short and sweet. She have made it clear, “This course doesn’t teach you to make money overnight. I can’t sell you this dream“. But I made some 78$ in these last 3 days. I used paid traffic. But you can earn the same with organic traffic in like 15 days.

Why you should choose this course :

  • Clear inspection of keywords, creating websites and optimizing it for Search engines – Complete tricks.
  • Believe me!! I tried some 10 courses. Nothing was as engaging as this.
  • If this course can make a snail like me earn, it will make you learn too.. I promise..

Other Details:

Time taken: 3 Days Days taken to earn: 3 Days How much I earned: $80 (3 Days) Course Fee: $79$40 only

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money fast online. And it will never be dead.

So do you need any clarifications or doubts, please comment them below.

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