How to Earn from Facebook Pages in 10 Days – Step by Step Guide

Are you searching for valid ways for earn from Facebook page? Is there really anyway to Earn real time Money from Facebook? I say YES. Though there are no direct methods (Like Adsense for BLogs), there are many indirect methods that through which you can Earn money from Facebook Pages. Interested? So let me take you through a step by step tutorial of

  1. Creating a Monetizable Facebook Page
  2. Marketing the Facebook page
  3. Earning Through Facebook Pages – Part 1 – Direct Advertisements
  4. Earning Through Facebook Pages – Part 2 – Affiliate Marketing

Why Facebook Earning Methods?

Facebook have reached about 1.26 billion users globally by the end of 2012 (Only 20% of Total population) and it is still growing.  Though the figures may sound very less, they are not. Sitting at a remote place some where, we can reach about 30% of the world population, influencing their decisions to buy a service or product.

Facebook Pages are Free to create and so technically we can run a complete Marketing business without Investment.

60% of Facebook users are Teenagers and Youth, who have financial freedom and hence are capable of buying a product

Step 1 : Creating an Effective Facebook Page

How to Create earn a Facebook Page

1. Selecting Audience :

The First Step is creating a Facebook Page, that targets a particular set of Audience or a particular set of keywords.

2. Selecting Keyword / Niche :

Select the Keyword / Name :The Keywords should be targeting a set of Target audience, who will show interest on a particular product or a particular range of products.

3. Branded Page Name :

Now create a Facebook Page with a name related to that particular keyword. (Should either be Branded name like VDestine/OLX  or based on keyword like UPSC Notes Online).

4. Updating Page Info :

Update Page Info with Description, optimized with right keyword density.

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Step 2 : Marketing a Facebook Page to Target Audience

1. Effective Posting :

Now start posting Content that will interest your Target Audience. Post {ictures mostly to engage more audience. Post contents that are only related to your Niche.

2. Post New News :

Start searching for updated interesting news and share it.. When people find something new, different, they start sharing and automatically your post will go viral, getting more likes for your page.

3. Right Time and Interval :

Keep posting News at right time (when most of your users will be online) and at regular intervals. Don’t post some 100 news in a day and leave a gap for some 5 days.

4. Time to Get Likes :

After you have posted at least about 20 useful posts, start marketing your page. Post your page as Comments in Posts, Pages and Groups that are related to your keywords.

5. Engage Fans :

When someone comments on your post, reply for them, engage in a conversation with them.

6. Avoid ‘No Likes’ Post :

If you think that some of your posts might not get likes, then avoid posting them. Posting lot of useless posts will decrease your chance of your status updates appearing in User’s Newsfeed.

Step 3 : Earning from a Facebook Page

Finding Advertisements for Facebook Pages

Build a Facebook Page with 10000 Facebook Fans at least. And at least 20% of them should be engaged regularly to your status updates. Now its time for us to Earn through Facebook Pages. Facebook Pages are just like websites that can be used to generate traffic and convert into leads, just with some limitations.

Part 1 – Direct Advertisements

Direct advertisements means getting advertisements directly from clients who may sell those products or have blogs on those products or services. For every post you publish, you can charge them a particular rate. You can charge them either per 10 advertisements or for a month.

1. Finding advertisers :

Most difficult and important part in finding direct advertisers for your niche and keywords. For example, if your page is about TOEFL, find the small sellers who sell books/ebooks for TOEFL, Bloggers who blog on TOEFL, TOEFL coaching centers and all other related businesses.

2. Prioritize the advertisers :

Now study the advertisers based on the chance of getting their advertisements. Most small sellers and new bloggers will accept to pay you a legitimate amount for certain amount of Traffic. Monitor those links using Google Analytics or any Analytics tool and go for the institutions.

3. Preparing Brochure :

Now you have a list of advertisers to contact for advertisements. To provide you advertisements, they should know how they can profit from advertising in your page. Prepare an online brochure based on the uses of advertising in your page, number of users you have and much more to them.

4. Contacting Advertisers :

Now go to advertisers with the brochure and an offer. Either send them through mail or contact them directly. Offer them for free advertisements as a test run and show them in the profits in reality. Or hire a set of Lead Generation Experts to do this.

5. Running Advertisements :

Got the advertisements?? Now its time to run those advertisements effectively..

  • Post Advertisements as posts with Links, when most of users are online
  • Advertisements should not look like advertisements. They should look like useful info you share. Just like all other posts
  • Tag some fans in the comments or posts or pictures to make them see the post

6. Charge Advertisers :

Now start charging the advertisers based on number of posts you post or number of clicks they or a particular amount for a month.

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Part 2 – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the best option when the Facebook Page is about Tech Gadgets like Mobiles, Smart Watches , Electronic Goods like Televisions and more, simply to say products that are sold. So let me explain that in short.

1. Find Sites Selling Products :

First and Foremost step in Affiliate Marketing. Find the online e-commerce websites that sell the products related to your website.

2. Sign Up for Affiliate Program :

Then go to the website and search for their Affiliate program. Most e-Commerce websites have affiliate program. If they don’t, find similar websites that have.

3. Time to Earn :

Now post the affiliate links of products (All websites will have a tutorial on how to do that) and post them to your profile at a rate of 1 per day.

  • Publish the Affiliate Links as if you are publishing an useful information, if they find you promoting products, most will not buy it.
  • Post at rate of at most 1 Affiliate link per 10 post. Or your posts will be seen as spam.
  • Read Terms and conditions of each website. Some websites don’t allow direct Facebook Traffic.

Do you have any doubts in Affiliate Marketing? Need any help? Comment below.

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