List of Dangerous part time jobs to avoid, for students.

Have you read my guide on Part time for students, A complete guide? It will help you in getting the best part time job for you.

Now let me help you distinguish all the dangerous part time jobs, that will waste your money, time and sometimes self-confidence. I am not asking you to avoid them. But if i were you, I wont take one of these jobs.

Believe brothers! I have tried almost every part time jobs out there. I wasted my entire time on this and i know how much it costs 🙂 So keep these guidelines in mind always.

Dangerous part time jobs for students

Better Avoid Them

Offline Dangerous Part Time Jobs

These jobs are found online/offline. But in these jobs, you will have to work offline, either directly at their office or from home. So what’s so dangerous about them.

SMS Sending Jobs

Job Description:

The simple job is to send SMS to given numbers and you will get 20paise for each message and 20Rs when another person comes seeing your message and 200Rs if he joins the group. And for this, you will have to pay Rs.6000 and you will get an Uniform and stuffs. They will say “This has changed my life”. But you can see them coming every month with dirty uniform just to get 100 or 200 from them.

Why is it dangerous?

  • First thing, this is all a scam and completely a waste of time.
  • You are going to pay Rs.6000 and then get some 1000 through various things and then get dropped out by them or brainwashed to do the same.
  • SMS Marketing does not work like this. So do not believe what they say. Promotional SMS plans are there for companies.
  • Don’t get your number blocked by sending spam SMS to everyone.
  • These are not a valid company. Those certificates they show, they are either fake or they get them in the name of some trade/marketing and use for such purposes.
  • Once you get in, you have to cheat others like you got cheated, which is the worst thing of all.
  • Even if you get money by cheating others, it will teach you nothing. Nothing literally. Just money which will not be useful to you at all.

Multi Level Marketing Jobs (MLM)

Job Description:

Simply EBiz, SkyQuest etc.. Multi Level Marketing. You join 2 members in each of your leg, and you get Rs.2000-3000 as commission. All Multi Level Marketing schemes are not spam. But Online products (like computer courses online) they are spam.

Why is it dangerous?

  • First thing, these MLMs are created to sell products. But now they sell money. No one cares about product, just about the money you can make.
  • They will say that it won’t stop. There are 1Crore people out there. It wont stop. But an MLM started by Bajaj stopped around 2007, and imagine all the people at the last leg of every associate. How much would have they lost?
  • Also you have to pull in 100s of your friends in and only few succeed in cheating their friends and making money. Imagine others!! They get their friendship spoiled. I knew a friend who is really talented and good at everything. But he got alone and name changed just for cheating others.
  • MLMs cannot be taken out legally. Because their business model is LEGALLY CORRECT. But they corrupt people.
  • And parents, they will never allow such jobs. They know that they are going to make you worser than you are.
  • Simply turning people into greedy money seeking machines right from when they are students. And they will say “We are empowering students”. No they are not. Till you go to their meetings, they will say This computer course is unique, but come on i know of 1000+ portals which offer free training on those courses.

Now new spam jobs and dangerous jobs gets created every now and then. Be careful. Choose your part time job carefully, which gives you not just money, but a career option in future.

Read my Complete Guide on Choosing a part time job for students.

Online Jobs

Online jobs are difficult to identify as spams. In case of offline jobs, if the jobs are real, you will get benefits. But in case of online jobs, even if you do a real legal work, sometimes people might cheat you and make you work for free. So stay alert!

Now the dangerous jobs in the Online web (some of them)

1. Captcha Typing

Job Description:

They will load you Image captcha and you have to type them in the column they provide. They will automatically calculate the number of captchas and pass out earnings to you once you reach a minimum payout (that’s what they tell)

Why is it dangerous?

  • This job is illegal and if your time is bad, you could get landed in jail (Nearly impossible in our country) 🙂
  • They will not pay you. AT ALL These websites are created by hackers to bypass the captcha facility of a website. Do you expect them to pay you?

2. Buy a Software Scam

Job Description: They will ask you to buy a software and use and review about it. They will say that they will you full money of software and about 20$ per hour of your working. All these payments will be made via check.

Why is it dangerous?

  • Simply, its a scam.
  • You will buy some **** software which is worthless, for a large amount and you will not get payments.

3. Don’t do anything without a Guidance

This applies for online jobs. Do an online job only if a person have done it before (A friend of yours!) and have received a decent income through it. Online jobs offer a good income source and career path. But without proper guidance, you will lose your money.

Do not believe in persons who gets introduced to you just for online jobs.

So Take care brother. Do you know about any scam online? You can comment them here..

Read my Complete Guide on Choosing a part time job for students.

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