Tips to create Unique, shareable images for your blog

Do you use images in your blog post?? Are they unique?? Are they share-able? If you have no idea what i am talking about, continue to read on.

Importance of Using Images in a Blog Post

Images play a most important role in providing user experience for the audience. Depending on the type, clarity, quality and placement of images can decide whether the users are going to continue reading your blog post or leave without a sign.

  • When sharing a blog post with an image in Social Media websites, Conversion and Clicks is 70% higher than normal posts.
  • Quality of the image shared shows the quality of your blog and thus increases Click Through Rate (CTR).
  • If an featured image catches their attention, readers are most likely to read the blog post.
  • For Trending topics, 30% search engine traffic can come from unique blog images.
  • Your audience share blog posts in Social media websites if your Images are compelling.
Engagement of Users based on post type

Engagement of Users based on post type

So now we know the importance of using unique photos in you blog posts. Now how to create one?? But it is not a single process – You have to come with an idea, create the image and place it at right layout. Here are 3 ideas that will help you in making unique images for your blog posts.

This involves 3 steps

  • Image Content
  • Image Creation
  • Image Placement

1. Image Content

This is the most important part in creating  unique and share-able images for your blog.


Cartoon Image example

An example of Cartoon

  • The image should always contain some text, blended in with the image layout. Mostly i go with the post title.  For more tips read How to add text in images like a pro by Ashley Faulkes.
  • Use percentages / Speech bubbles / funny cartoons that will be appear to be saying something about the blog post.
  • Use Call to Action text : You should read it, Dont open or something like that.
  • Brand/Website Name : Always watermark your website name in the images so that when the image is shared, it will increase the visibility of your brand.
  • Use Screenshots : These are like free, easy and share-able images. When you have no image ideas, take a screenshot, brand it and insert it.

So now we know how to frame content idea for image creation for any blog post. Now what should you do for creation of these images?

2. Easy Tools for Image Creation

Most probably, every blogger uses these tools. You need not know photoshop or have technical knowledge of any sort to use these tools. These are free tools available online to make custom images and they list free stock images and hence you will not get copyright problems. Alright now! What are the best tools i use?

Started back in 2013, when i was struggling to design images with paint. I am user right from beta version of this free tool. And i am quite impressed with the function of this tool. This tool is best because Features Features

  • Custom dimensions, along with pre-defined dimensions for Facebook Ad, Facebook Post etc.
  • Has lots of pre-designed layouts, lines, banners, shapes, icons, grids and speech bubbles.
  • Lots of copyright free images to be used.
  • Also you can upload your own images.
  • This tool is easier than using Paint. And if you can work in MS Paint, you can definitely use this tool.
  • Your images gets saved online always and you can access them anytime. Further you can give access to your friends to edit it.
  • Some Major Features : Water Mark images with transparency.

Though personally i think that have no worthy alternatives, this free online tool can be used if you want touch up your photos, resize them or create a collage using them. Further this tool requires no signup and you can accomplish image designs in 2 minutes. So i use these tools when,

  • I need to edit a simple screenshot without much complications in 2 minutes.
  • Touchup my photos, because in canva, you cannot edit a pic that much.

Microsoft Powerpoint

(Courtesy : Kiesha from

I was confused too when i was searching for designing images and when i saw powerpoint in the search results. So i decided to try Powerpoint and it worked miracles. Below video shows how to create images using powerpoint.

  • Powerpoint can be used to create unique images and graphics for engaging and interactive images that demand user action.
  • For example, asking them like your page or to subscribe them to your Email lists.
  • Since Powerpoint comes with a lot of shapes and colors, you can use them to create images that suit your blog theme.

These 3 tools are the only needed tools for interactive image creation for your blog. Now comes the placement tips for your images.

3. Tips for Placement of images in Blog Post

  • Do not use Screenshots as featured image. NEVER.
  • Other than the featured image on the top, align your images to right or left and blend in with the text. Full page images in middle of posts actually breaks the flow.
  • Always use caption for your images. Because Images alone don’t make sense.
  • 2-3 Images is the right proportion for the images in a blog post.
  • Do not link images to their source. Because link juice from your blog flows to these image links too.

So these are tips for new bloggers to create interactive and attractive images for your blog posts. Do you have any unique idea that might help other bloggers? Share it below in comments.

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