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1. Facebook Advertisers Service :

  • Do you have a Facebook Page on certain categories? On any Niche?
  • Looking for ways to Monetize your Facebook Page?
  • Let me Find direct advertisers who will pay you for posting advertisements on your Facebook Page
  • Hire me now at 10% commission of what you earn.
  • My Price : 10% Commission
  • Message Subject : Facebook Advertisers Service

2. WordPress Website Creation & Customisation :

  • Do you want to create a WordPress Website or Blog? Don’t have time to?
  • Want a Help in Installing themes, Plugins and Optimising them for SEO?
  • My Rate : 100$ per Basic WordPress Website Customisation
  • My Rate : 6$ per Hour of this Work
  • Message Subject : WordPress Work Hire

3. WordPress Redirection Hack :

  • Are you getting redirected to a Justin Bieber youtube video?
  • Want a Help in rectifying this??
  • My Rate : 10$ per WordPress Website restoration
  • If you have a lot of themes and plugins installed, this may be high.
  • Message Subject : WordPress Redirection Hack