How i built this Blog – From Scratch

Why i am writing this?

Well i used to write “I took __ hours to create this blog. Why not spend 2 minutes in sharing this?” for marketing purposes. And i used to change the number of hours often. Just approximately. Once i was changing it, and suddenly it dawned on it, why not write a complete coverage of this blog. From how much time it took to how i worked. So here it goes.


Time Taken

Work Preview

Work – A Brief Description


20 Oct 2012 5 Minutes Domain Registration Well, i registered the domain, after registering the domain . I did so just to keep my brand name with me and don’t want to lose it. But i had no idea that i am going to start a blog. ——
04 Apr 2013 10 Minutes Bought Hosting Bought Level 3 VPS Hosting from Hostgator India. I always aim big, so i thought that shared hosting will not be enough for me :p And till date i regret my decision. ——-
07 Apr 2013 1 hour WordPress Install Though i always recommend to prepare your content first, as i always use wordpress, i just went for it. I installed wordpress, basic theme, then the only plugin i choose to install every time. Worpress SEO by Yoast ——
01 Aug 2013 5 Hours Content Decision Today i decided what to write on. Had lot of confusions. I knew a little of everything, but am expert at anything. So i thought of writing about everything for beginners : Blogging, Hosting, Domain Registration, Internet Marketing, Freelancing and all other methods by which you can earn some money. -Incomplete-
20 Aug 2013 3 Hours Theme selection Yeah you read it right! 3 hours for selecting the right theme. Ended up in this Metro Magazine theme. I am not satisfied with it to say really. But it was the best of all i can get for FREE.. -Incomplete-
22 Aug 2013 3 Hours Initial Setup I went for the initial setup. Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and integrated my website with Google Web Master tools accounts. Now i am ready for the blog to start! -Complete-
22 Aug 2013 1 Hour Settings Time to change the settings of the blog, including search engine settings, theme setting and all the others -Incomplete-
22 Aug 2013 5 Hours 1st Article Best Web Hosting Companies in India – Took a lot of time to research on those companies, write reviews and put them together. Then i have to set up affiliate link for each. -Good-
One good trick i used in deciding the topics of a blog is, i will have a Sticky note installed on my desktop. And whenever i find a topic interesting or whenever i will note them there, so that i never have to wonder what to write on!
23 Aug 2013 2 Hours 2nd Article Google Penalty for Affiliate Links in a website – How to avoid? Last time i had a look at Affiliate Marketing and found this topic to be little rare in the web. So had an article written on it. -Can Read-
24 Aug 2013 8 Hours 3rd Article Top 10 Best Freelancer websites of 2013 for FreelancersA long article as i had to go through each freelancer website again after a long time to understand their policies and all. But enjoyed it. -Good-
25 Aug 2013 3 Hours 4th Article Do you think oDesk is illegal or Scam? oDesk – Real or fake answers Previous day saw a lot of users asking whether oDesk is fake and scam. So thought of writing an article on it. Took some time to search for bank transfer screenshots. -Good-
26 Aug 2013 3 Hours 5th Article VPS vs Shared Hosting – A Brief Comparison An example of my rewriting skills. Took sometime figure out some terms though :p Had fun in just writing what’s there. Hope copyscape doesn’t find this out :p -Can Read-
27 Aug 2013 11 Hours 6th Article Blogging – An Introduction Returned to my major topic of concentration. Blogging which is always what i wanted to write on. Enjoyed writing this so much inspite of the time taken. -Best for Now-
30 Aug 2013 15 Hours 7th Article Types of Blogs – A Brief Look of Advantages and Disadvantages Laaaaaaanggggg Article. Created a head ache. But this is a different topic and only few blogs had articles on this topic so far -Best-
03 Oct 2013 4 Hours 8th Article How to Build an Effective Profile on oDeskSo i have decided to get back to what i am good at. oDesk. From the beginning, i had a belief that i am better than many other contractors in understanding a process faster. So its a reproduction of my strategies -Good-
08 Oct 2013 1 Hour 9th Article oDesk Readiness Test for Contractors TricksThis particular search term had a lot of searches, but a few indexed pages, so wrote a quick article on this term. -Good-
15 Oct 2013 4 Hours 10th Article How to Get your first job on oDeskAs a freelancer, i worried, worked a lot to get my first job on oDesk. This is based on that analysis. -Good-
18 Oct 2013 6 Hours 11th Article How to Write a Cover Letter in oDeskBest piece i would say till now. Took 2 hours to research, 3 hours to write them down and 1 hour to frame out the pictures -Best-
17 Oct 2013 2 Hours Social Media Marketing I tried using Facebook Ads to market my website. I targeted users who liked oDesk and marketed the article “How to get your first job on oDesk” though it had some clicks, i am not satisfied. Following things i wish to changes

  • Should used paid traffic only for landing pages that collect mail ids, so that we can use later.
  • Never use Paid Marketing untill you have published about 100 articles for greater good.
19 Oct 2013 3 Hours THIS PAGE I design nd publish this page to show the steps, the time frame and everything in building a blog -Going On-
20 Oct 2013 2 Hours 12th Article

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Review

Going to the next category, to help Affiliate Marketers in Flipkart, i decided to write an article on Flipkart Affiliate program. I have increased my speed and i finished this article in 2 hours

23 Oct 2013 2 Hours 30 Minutes 13th Article

Hostgator India Review

A complete review of Hostgator India based on what and what nots. After going through a lot of articles, i came up with the disadvantages.

26 Oct 2013 1 Hour 20 Minutes 14th Article

6 Reasons that will Make you start a Blog Immediately

I was writing a Blogger Tutorial, and suddenly iw was tired of writing so much in a day. What is use of typing so much? Publishing all topics in a day wont make much difference. So why not publish each topic separately and finally integrate them all? So here goes it…

09 Nov 2013 5 Hours 15th Article

How to Earn from Facebook Pages in 10 Day

A Social Media Post after a long time. Nothing much about it… Just another post

10 Nov 2013 3 Hours 16th Article

Exact Match Domain Penalty / EMD Penalty (With Recovery) – Another Twist in Tale

Fastest article about a topic, i didnt even know of… My website got affected by this penalty. So a quick article.

12 Nov 2013 4 Hours 17th Article

Choosing Niche for a New Blog – 6 Tips and 3 Warnings

Another article in Blogging Series> Preparing this for 4 hours in the early morning.

13 Nov 2013 12 Hours 18th Article

iMagPress WordPress Theme Review – Things to Know Before Purchase

Starting to review wordpress themes from today. First step in affiliate Marketing. Lazy day.. Sitting and browsing and typing 2 lines…

—— —— —— —— ——
Total of 21 days 110 Hours 05 Minutes Blogging Blogged, Blogging, Will Blog -Incomplete-
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