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What is Blogging

Simply, Blogging is publishing and updating some news to Internet users, which they can read and share.

Technically, A Blog is a log of continuously published discrete entries called ‘Posts’.

And talking as a blogger, Blog is what you want it to be. You can use it as a Social Media wall where you post your feelings, your love stories and use it as a dairy. Or you can use it as a information website, writing articles on some products, politics or anything. Or you can use it as a log for your company, where each employee inputs what they have learnt today and others comment with their views.

So here is a picture of a simple blog, with just model content, to illustrate you what is blog.

Blog Illustration

This is a model blog, with model posts and contents. As you can see, it consists of a list of updates on Anna University Counselling.

This blog is for students attending Anna University Counselling, which got 1Lakh visitors in 3 months.

What is in there in Blogging?

So now you know, what a blog is.. Introduced as WWW based term in 1997, how did this term grow to be one of the most important business in Internet. What is that makes this system unique? Why are they introducing so much systems in here?

Here is the answer:

1. Blogging is becoming one of the best ways to improve your online presence. If you wish to be improve your hold on online market then probably you should have a blog that talks a lot about your products and services or you.

2. Blogging has improved the amount of data added to Internet everyday. In the year 2002-2003, the amount of data added was double the data added to Internet altogether before 2002.

3. Google prefers Blogs with new content everyday rather than usual websites which show the same content for a long period of time. So if you want to reach out, then you have to BLOG.

4. Money Money Money!! – Hope you have heard about it before.. Blogging has lot of monetization methods and hence if you work hard enough, you can make a hell lot of money.

5. Companies are looking for Bloggers who can blog for them and improve their online media presence. This is because these blogs are becoming the first impression for these companies.

So now we know why blogging is becoming one of the best profession and a field of career.. So who can start Blogging??

Who Should Start Blogging?

1. Student – Part Time Blogging

Are you a student who have not started your career yet? Then Blogging is best for you. Open a Blog on what your major is. Discuss different topics from your subject. Draw and lure HRs from various companies using social media sites to engage in these discussions. Well i can assure you a placement!!

2. Student – Full Time Blogging

Are you a one who wants to spend a lot of time with your family? Earning money sitting before computer for few hours? Just like me 🙂 Then probably you should take up blogging. (This is not easy though). Believe me, Blogging is the best way to enter into online career field. So start blogging on a niche with lot of monetizing opportunities and build up your career.

3. Teachers – A Passion

Are you a teacher?? – Well i am sure that you came to teaching profession to bring some changes in some students, help some students, making their life shine better. Do you think that you are little slow in reaching out to lot of students. Start a blog. Share it with your students. And when your followers grow up, teach them what you want and it will reach a lot i swear.

4. Companies / Startups

Are you starting up a company? Lets say on Web Development. (That’s what i know) Then probably when a client who gets referred when visiting your website, should feel that you know something about the topic. Let’s say you have written a post on ‘Latest Trends in web development 2013’ Then probably the client is going to get an impression that you afre staying updated in this field and going to give you the project.

5. Newbie looking for Online Career

Are you a newbie looking for making an online career?? Either from designing or marketing? Then believe me, start with Blogging. Because, blogging gives an idea of what is what.. And you will know where to start learning, where to look out for jobs and how to build up your startup..

So are you sure you want to blog?? Decide the type of blog you want to start and why you want to start it.

See the different types of Blogs and their advantages and disadvantages. Then decide which type of blog is right for you.

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