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Hi Guys, This is Vignesh Kumar from VDestine. In, we are launching a blogging tutorial, absolutely for New Bloggers, who find it difficult to establish their first blog. Only 9% of bloggers succeed in Blogging. Well, these tutorials are for the remaining 91%.

How can you help us?

Simple!! As a new blogger, all you have to do is tell us what you need. When you started blogging, what did you need help in? What are the difficulties you faced in each step. To break the details up, we would like to know

  1. Difficulties faced in creating a blog (Technical Aspects)
  2. What did other tutorials lag? Why did you like or dislike them?
  3. As of Indian Scenario, where did you find it to take the step?
  4. Did you need a mentor? Did you find one?

And So on… You can see the questionnaire below to get a better view.

What will you get in return?

Ofcourse we will reward you for your precious time.

  • 2 Free .com domains for 2 best answers
  • An opportunity to work on our project –

Eligibility :

The eligibility is to encourage new bloggers to register their voices. However if you are a senior blogger (Alexa rank > 100K ), you can input your thoughts too.

  • Should have been a blogger atleast for 2 months.

Where are the questions?


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