Blogging tips and tricks to learn from Chetan Bhagat

Blogging online has a lots of opportunities even today. Though they this has been saturated, the reality is, blogging will never be saturated. There are always new events, topics and products to write about. Then why can’t 90% newbies shine in blogging? Why 99% bloggers cannot make a decent money? Why are people afraid to get into blogging? The reason is simple. Their line of view is so SHORT. Confused?

To clarify your doubts, you should see the life, books and growth of BestSelling Indian author “Chetan Bhagat” A little useful (Read before moving on!) introduction on this author.

chetan bhagats blogging tricks

Chetan Bhagat :

Started his career as Investment banker and published his first novel Five point someone in 2004. Rejected by almost every publisher, because his english wasn’t literary, he finally found Rupa publishers and published his first book. In the usually conservative society, he is the one to bring in the words ‘sex in college’ and ‘half girlfriend’. Believe me that’s the thing, which made it viral among youths. He is the man with most critics in India. Every journalist or a person who can read, is against his letters. But still he uses them for his marketing. 🙂

Now it’s time to learn few blogging tricks from him. Are you ready?

1. Write what you know the best

Though there are many literary writers like Salman Rushdie, whose books common people and students cannot read, Chetan did not choose to write what they wrote. He didnt see the booker prizes. He wrote what he knew the best. His lifestory with third grade romance.

Inference :

Just because you learnt blogging from a blog that taught you blogging and adsense, you need not write about the same. As a startup blogger, you might be interested in the money they make. But blogging niche is not the richest niche. So blog about what you know well. Stop targeting the money other bloggers earn. Do not aim to become someone else. Not everyone can build up a SEO and marketing firm like Neil Patel. So blog what you know best..

2. Whatever you write, there are always audience

When any newbie wants to start blogging, the first question he asks is “Bro, I don’t know anything. What should i blog about?”. Well if you analyse chetan’s books in early days, he just wrote his life story. He marketed it to the right people, the people who are allergic to Salman Rushdie and literary giants.

Inference :

Whatever basic topic you blog about, you can market it and get target audience. If you keep your view so short within a particular advanced niche, you can never reach heights.

Do you know? The blog post “How to install Windows 7” gets more hits than “How to build a blog”.

When bloggers who writed about Advanced SEO techniques, do a lot of marketing and uses social media, struggles to reach 2000$, bloggers who blog about basic computer stuffs earn about 6000$ per month. Read my post on Choosing the niche for your blog.

3. Criticism. This is the biggest marketing.

Do you have people who criticise your works? In social media or comments? Let them grow.

When Chetan published his latest book “Half Girlfriend”, flipkart did 30% of marketing and the rest was done by the stone throwers. And it trended social media in half a day.

Inference :

Write a blog post, which is completely against others views. And reach it out to them. Engage them into a conversation or argument with you. (Not direct ones. Via blog posts) Now when you prove yourselves right, you will have a chance to get 60% of the critic blog’s readership. Or you lose nothing.

When commenting on other blogs, include one positive and negative comment in the blog post. This will encourage readers of the blog to research about you.

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So this is it!! Are you ready to be the CHETAN BHAGAT of BLOGGING? Start Blogging.

Did i miss anything? Did i make a mistake in the post? Do you have a suggestion? Comment them below.

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