3 Best Blogs to learn Blogging from scratch – For Newbies

With the increase in the role of Internet Marketing in every business globally, Blogosphere is expanding everyday.

And more and more newbie bloggers enter Blogging, knowing a little about it from others. And only a few stay for a long time. Because either they don’t learn professional Blogging or they learn it all wrong.

And also some Bloggers do not update their tutorials for a long period. So when you stat reading them, these tutorials will get invalid. So, before you start learning Blogging from scratch, choose the latest tutorial of all.

Are you ready?

Learn blogging from scratch for newbies

Below are the best 3 Blogging tutorials for newbies, with latest strategies, hosting offers, updated ideas and much more.

1. START BLOGGING ONLINE – A Step by Step tutorial by Mike Wallagher

Created on 2013, and undisputed, evergreen and best blogging tutorial till then. The Simplest blogging tutorial found online, with Self-Hosted WordPress platform being explained completely. This Blog covers all aspects of Blogging from Driving traffic to Blogs to Optimizing blogs for Adsense.

Apart from it, this blog is not just a technical tutorial on Blogging, but also includes all non-technical strategies like Choosing a domain name, hosting

Some attractive posts from StartBloggingOnline

  1. How to Keep Your Blog Updated When You Have No Time?
  2. What Kind of Blog Comments Should be Approved?
  3. When is The Best Time to Publish New Content?

2. ImpossibleHQ – How to start a Blog, Video Tutorial by Joel Runyon

This is the best tutorial blog for those who are too lazy to go through articles to learn Blogging. With video tutorial for all basics of starting a blog, this websites also contains video tutorial on Themes and Plugin Installations. Email list building, subscription and additional blogging resources are also covered in this blog.

And most of all, this Blog contains Moral advice for New Bloggers on “Writing contents“, “How to stay in Blogging even when you fail” and much more like that..

This blog does not cover advanced technical aspects like Search Engine Optimization, Advertising Optimization etc

3. Amlynn Andrews – How to Blog Step by Step guide

If you are looking for an attractive blog, with small and smart tutorial on Blogging, then this blog is the perfect choice for you. Also, the author have made the tutorial as numerical steps – making it easy for you to study them and follow them to start your own blogs. Also one of the best blogs, that have completely covered the topic of Money making Online – From Adsense to Affiliate Marketing.

If you are looking to start blogging for making money online, this is the best tutorial for you.

Some attractive posts from StartBloggingOnline

  1. How to Make Your Site Static (That Is, Not a Blog)
  2. Why You Should Be Part of a Mastermind Group
  3. Are You Disclosing Properly?

So are you ready to learn Blogging. The most painful part in Blogging is, whatever you learn today, will get expired before you finish reading them.

So always make sure you apply the blogging tips and stay updated on this. And maintain contact with neighbor bloggers.

You can contact me, if you have any doubts or suggestions.

Happy Blogging !!!

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