6 blogging Ideas that will work even for lazy bloggers

1. When i get mood, i work a lot on my blog, posting new posts, engaging with users and doing everything possible. But then i go extinct. I feel too lazy to write articles or even visit the blog. What should i do?

A Lazy Blogger

A Typical Lazy Blogger

2. I have been blogging for about 3+ years now. I know everything – SEO basics, SMM, Monetization and all. But i am not making a good money, not even decent money. What should i do?

3. I am too lazy to research and write an article. I have ideas of a blog but i am too lazy to write articles. Sometimes i start a blog and just leave it after a few days. What should i do?

4. I have started about 10 blogs now (every blog is a superb idea) but none of them reached a notable stage. What should i do? – I fall into this category.

So let me tell you some ideas (both blogging and non-blogging) that will work for you.

6 blogging Ideas that will work even for lazy bloggers

6 blogging Ideas that will work even for lazy bloggers

1. Nano-Niche Blogging

This is for the lazy bloggers who can work for a little time efficiently.

Everyone knows micro-blogging. What is Nano-niche blogging. Nano Niche blogging is taking a very extremely small topic that has earning potential and opening a blog for that. The Niche should be so small that all the information about the niche should be covered within a maximum of 20 articles.

For example,

Blogging – Pets (All about pets, how to buy poducts etc)
MicroNiche Blogging – Dogs (Just write about dogs, dog food etc)
Nano Niche Blogging – Car Seat for dogs (Yeah! Believe me this keyword has more search volume than my blog’s traffic)

But this topic is extremely small. You can write a maximum of 20 articles – 5 on tips and tricks, 10 on reviews, 5 on general usage and instructions. Now this is what i call Nano Niche Blogging.

Why Nano Niche Blogging?

  1. Because you are too lazy to work through out the month. Working 2 days on this blog, you can generate decent income. All you need is 2-3 days sincere work.
  2. Google favors Nano niche blogs. Google algorithm gives importance to sites that talk about a particular thing “only”.
  3. No banklink building, no promotion – no hardships.
  4. Average Income – 30$-150$ (depends on keyword) per site per month. Not bad for 3 days work.

2. Content Curation

This is for the bloggers who are too lazy to write articles.

what is content curation

What is content curation?

What is Content Curation? – Content curation means just putting together all the contents on a particular topic (available in various blogs, websites, social networks, books anywhere) into a blog/website.

Let me tell you a simple story. 2 friends of mine wanted to capture the audience who search about “oDesk”

First one – Started a blog on freelancing, wrote about oDesk (large topic it is), wrote an EBook on it and distributed through all freelancer blogs and got 3600 subscibers in 3 months.

Second one – Started a board in Pinterest with name “All about oDesk”, created pins of all articles available on oDesk. In few days he spent in marketing, he received good response. He included a link for a free Ebook (Already available) and he collected 6725 subscribers in one month. No single word written!!

So content curation is also you need if you cant write articles.

Some Content Curation websites – Delicious, Scoop.it, Pinterest

3. Multi-Author Blogs (and) Guest Blogging

This is for the lazy ones who think they could not manage a blog for a long.

If you are a blogger, then you would definitely know about Multi-Author blogs and guest blogs. So how to do this successfully..

  1. Search for a group of unsuccessful(yet) and ambitious bloggers in your niche. Use a little of social networking here.
  2. Propose a blog idea with all the topics to be written and works to be done.
  3. Share the work with them. And later when you succeed, share the profits.
  4. If you are going to try Guest Blogging, then your blog should have atleast alexa rank of <1,00,000 or no one will volunteer.

This idea works even for large blogs. Shoutmeloud.com by Harsh Agarwal has built its reputation and user base because of the guest posts by users (And his hard work too!)

Here are some ideas which i consider miscellaneous, because of the nature of ideas.

4. Get an Inspiration

A True Blogger gets inspired by seeing analytics, rankings and fan base of a fellow blogger. So read a lot about success stories of some professional and famous bloggers. Let the fire burn your laziness!!

Here is some inspiration, if you need any.
1. Bishal Biswas – The Youngest Professional Blogger in India

2. Rahul Kuntala – The Next Generation blogger you should follow

5. Rewriting / Spinning Articles

Rewriting an existing and interesting article with extra points and citations is another way to keep your blog readers engaged.

If you think that rewriting the articles will get you Google Penalty, then you are wrong. Rewriting articles is something like blogging on same topic. And also duplicate content is allowed to certain limit by google.

Duplicate content is allowed to certain limit by search engines – Matt Cutts

6. Listing a group of Pictures/Photos

(Ref: http://www.bloggingtips.com/ )

If you have to publish a post at any cost one day and if you have only 5 minutes patience to do it, let me tell an excellent idea i found online, list out a set of photos.

Here are some examples :

  • 10 Photos that will change your opinion on blogging
  • 10 Worst blog designs you should never use
  • 10 Photos that made blog posts go viral

Now you get the concept?? So these above ideas are completely listed and published to make lazy bloggers like me achieve something in Blogging career. I am currently implementing these ideas in my Blogging career. Will update here if i succeed.

So, Do you think these ideas will work? Have any one of you succeeded in implementing them? If YES, share your ideas as comments below.

If you have new ideas, add them below and i will update the list.

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