Bishal Biswas – The Youngest Professional Blogger in India and AN INSPIRATION

When i was 18 and i was introduced to the world of Blogging, i used to keep searching for the “youngest blogger in India” in Google. At the age of 17 and a few 100 visitors per day in my blog, I firmly believed that i was the youngest blogger in India.

This is because in my surrounding, no one had the knowledge of blogging. I believed that i can be a Inspiration to the Young Indian Bloggers. After 3 years of my failed Blogging career, still i laugh thinking of my sheer stupidity.

So i was thinking about it now, and i wondered – Who is the youngest blogger in India?

If there is a kid at his teenage, blogging and building his career online, he will be a great example and inspiration to the Indian youngsters in the field. So after a long search (well it was very short!), i found the kid – Bishal Biswas – A kid from West Bengal.

Bishal Biswas - The Inspiration

Since i found him, he has been my Inspiration. He thought me a lot. His words, actions everything. I always believed that Blogging is just about making money online. His followers list changed my opinion.

So are you ready to be inspired?

Bishal Biswas

A kid from West Bengal, aged 12 now. Founder and Editor in Chief at and
A Blogger, Entrepreneur, SEO Analyst, Freelancer, Developer, Graphic Designer.

This is all his Facebook profile says about him. But i believe, Bloggers are best described with analytics and rankings.

Blogs he authors :,
Income : 1600$ per month (That’s right!!)
Facebook Fans : 7400 (For his blog), 382000 (Personally)
Twitter Followers : 43750 followers (Thats higher than Amit Agarwal, India’s first professional blogger)
Google+ Followers : 3800 Followers

What are his blogs?

He blogs at and His main area of interest appears to be Blogging and SEO.


Created On : March 07, 2014
Alexa Rank : 30392 (Globally), 2435 (In India)
Visitors : About 4,38,000 per month; 12,000 per day
Topics Covered: SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Google Algorithms, Blogging Tips, Email Marketing


Created On : November 07, 2013
Alexa Rank : 30392 (Globally), 2435 (In India)
Visitors : About 40,000 per month; 1,500 per day
Topics Covered: SEO OPtimisation, SEO Services etc

So What should we know about him :

Within the age of 12, he has been able to learn through the SEO strategies most webmasters find it hard to study in books. When bloggers like me (#iknowthatfeel) jump out of blogging in fist few failures, he has been persistent in his goal and have built his authority in the sphere of Blogging.

His articles are not too difficult to interpret. And he writes too good for a 12 year old kid. And his choice of blog post topic – It is different and excellent. He exactly knows what marketing is and what his audience needs.

I always found it difficult to keep my audience and followers engaged (however little they may be) due to laziness and the negative criticisms i feared. But he engages with his fan followings so clearly.

Some Facts I am inspired by :

1. One of his blogs receives about 40% of traffic from the keyword – Bishal Biswas
2. He has such a fan following than most of the best professional bloggers in India.
3. He is writing an EBook on SEO Strategies, at the age of 12.
4. He is too honest and frank to share his failures.

So I am inspired. I am sure that i will keep blogging till i succeed. So are you inspired?? Share your Inspiration below.

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