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If you need a Web Hosting for setting up CMS sites like wordpress / joomla / drupal (or) if you are hosting very small websites, just for name sake without much bandwidth or visitors and wish to have lot of help, go for BigRock Web Hosting. If you are looking to create larger websites with high traffic and lot of files sharing and stuff, check out other websites.

BigRock web Hosting Review – BigRock, started as the Domain Registrar in India, and now they are one of the best and dominant domain registrars in India, who are entering into Hosting Domain for the past year. Though they cannot enter into Indian Market with dominant Hosting plans, they have captured atleast about 10% of the Hosting Market.

Now let’s go through the complete Review of BigRock Web Hosting. This Review of BigRock does not involve its stand in domain market, but only in web hosting. Also they might have different standards in various types of servers. We just see it all together – Simply Bigrock Web Hosting Review.

Advantages of BigRock Web Hosting :

In this part of review, we will be seeing what are the pros or advantages of buying web hosting from BigRock. And also the brighter side of BigRock Web Hosting.

1. Payment Methods :

This is a common problem which is faced when buying a Web Hosting from foreign clients. BigRock helps you out with this.They provide with every single variety of payment method you can find in the web. Right from NetBanking to Credit Card to Offline Payment methods. You got your Bank Account suspended for any reason? You don’t have to worry about Web Hosting at all. Following are the payment methods they allow

  1. NetBanking
  2. Paypal
  3. Debit/Credit Cards
  4. Direct deposit to Account
  5. Cheque or DD
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2. Unlimited, Unlimited, Unlimited :

Yeah you heard me right!! They provide with unlimited plans at 559/month. Though the amount is little high for a normal unlimited plan, for a startup who is looking for a reliable web hosting company, this is not a bad idea too. But know what? they have their catch. Click to Read BigRock – What they hide you in Unlimited Hosting

3. 24*7 Reliable Customer Support :

One of the very few websites that offer very real 24*7 customer support. All of these customer executives are well trained and they know what they are doing when there are issues. Further they answer you very patiently. Unlike other customer services, where i have sat idly for 30 minutes, here they respond immediately.

4. Localised Servers improving SEO :

Hosting your website in local servers improves your local seo. Your IP Address is used as your GeoLocation finder and so your website will get faster rankings in the search engines indexing search results for regional keywords. Also the ping time (Time taken to download data) will be lowers, further improving search results.

5. Personal Account Manager :

Sounds fun right? 🙂 The reason, why i buy all my domains from BigRock. You are provided with an Account Manager to assist you personally. I was not convinced with this idea of theirs, initially. How can they provide such a support? But they did. Every time when my invoice is to cross due date, when they release new offers, she personally calls me. Further i can contact him via Email and ask for offers especially for me.

6. Specialized Hosting Packages :

They provide specialized hosting packages for each CMS – WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. No Hosting company provides customized web hosting packages selecting what you need. So we always have some features, we don’t use and some features we need but are not included. These packages help you in this.

7. Uptime Guarantee :

Ok they give you 99.9% uptime guarantee. That’s what everyone says nowadays. But i am pretty satisfied with BigRock Web Hosting because i have never seen a website hosted in BigRock go down for anonymous reasons. (Believe me! Once GoDaddy servers went down). So we can be sure of their quality.

8. Offers & GiveAways :

Again another feature of BigRock alone, they give offers and sweepstakes and free giveaways often. That’s how they grow so fast. The marketing trick, no other company can successfully copy. If you are going to buy something, wait for their Friday Giveaway and then go for it.

Disadvantages of BigRock Web Hosting :

1. They Charge Too Much

They charge a lot for their hosting plans, much higher than the ordinary plans from other websites. For example, normal unlimited website hosting plans will range from 300-400rs normally. But BigRock web hosting plans go to 559, unless you buy in bulk, say for 3 years or so. So if you think, that you need affordable services, go for other web hosts.

2. Unlimited Plans have their Limit :

Unlimited is not unlimited. Yeah sounds like a gimmick? That’s the reality. Though they say that their Pro Hosting plan allows you to created unlimited everything, they don’t allow following actions

  • Your website should not be for Hosting files or file sharing website or Archive website, where you save and share files with your users.
  • Users without ftp access cannot download files from your websites. That is normal visitors cannot download files from your websites. Not even PDFs.

3. Security Problems – New to Hosting :

I cannot post this as a disadvantage, but users should understand their vulnerability in the field. Hosting giants like Hostgator, GoDaddy struggle everyday to keep their servers up and safe from hackers. BigRock being new to field, i seriously doubt, whether they will be able to keep up their security measures and help in such conditions.

4. Old Customers?? Don’t Care Policy :

This is the commonly reported problem from almost all users around the web, regarding BigRock. Though BigRock concentrates a lot on new customers, they complete ignore their old customers. And their support is full of “Thanks for your patience” sentences.

5. VPS Servers – No cPanels :

Yes! VPS servers are new for BigRock. Till now, they are not providing cPanel support. You have to buy cPnel on your own and install it here. 🙁

So The final touch is, if you need a Web Hosting for setting up CMS sites like wordpress / joomla / drupal (or) if you are hosting very small websites, just for name sake without much bandwidth or visitors and wish to have lot of help, go for BigRock Web Hosting. If you are looking to create larger websites with high traffic and lot of files sharing and stuff, check out other websites.

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2 thoughts on “BigRock Web Hosting Review

  1. The top most prof to prove that big rock sucks is its customer support, you get live and toll free customer care support before sales but after sales, no toll free and you have to mail them and wait 48hrs for your issue to get resolved, and behavior of agents are totally worst they treat as if we are under there favor, & no privacy you have to pay extra to hide your identity, & your domain is not safe may get hacked or get suspended any time for silly reasons, a negative feed back from one person can change faith of your domain,
    DONT GO FOR BIG ROCK, I suggest

    • Hi Dolly,

      It’s sad that you had a bad experience with us. We urge you to give us another shot, we certain that our products and our team will make your experience a positive one. Also, you can always get on to our Twitter and reach out if you’re having trouble reaching us via phone and need instant help.

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