4 Best only needed WordPress Countdown Plugins – For Events, Offers, Deals

Countdown plugins play a very important role in the conversion of visitors into customers – Either it is through under construction, events or deals page. Make a customer wait for his deal for sometime will also encourage him to share your page or visit other pages in your website, increasing website pageviews.

4 best wordpress countdown plugins

Use of Countdown Plugins

  • Announce deals and increase social media presence before certain period
  • Open subscription and registration before the actual release of website.
  • Get your brand to tons of people and increase suspense in people.

So here is the list of 5 best comparison plugins you could use for creating countdown for your wordpress blog/website, along with a small comparison. I have chosen the best countdown plugin in each category (based on their use) to make it simpler for you.

Plugin Name

  • Under Construction PageWhether this plugin supports under construction page
  • Events, OffersDoes this plugin supports display of countdown in page?
  • Calendar FacilityDisplay of all events as a calendar
  • Call back actionWill it support redirection of website, new HTML content after the setup time expires?
  • HTML5/FlashOn which does this plugin works?
  • DesignsThemes, designs provided by this plugin
  • Countdowns per pageNumber of countdowns supported per page
  • Mobile ResponsivenessWill this support mobile devices?
  • Browser SupportDoes this plugin works on all browsers?

Countdown Pro

  • YesWorks in under construction page
  • YesYes can be used to display events, offers
  • NoDisplays no calendar
  • YesRedirection, New content
  • HTML 5Uses HTML5
  • 20+ DesignsCircular, rectangular version and 20+ designs
  • UnlimitedUnlimited countdowns per page
  • YesSupports all mobile browsers
  • IE7, IE8 not supportedHTML5 is not supported in IE7 and IE8

Wordpress Maintenance

  • YesWorks in under construction page
  • NoNo cannot be used inside pages
  • NoDisplays no calendar
  • YesRedirection, New content
  • HTML 5, JQueryUses HTML5
  • 8 Responsive DesignsDesigns suitable for light and dark skin websites
  • 1Only one countdown per page
  • YesSupports all mobile browsers
  • Supports all browsersIE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Chrome. Opera

Wordpress Multiple Events

  • Does not supportDoes not support under construction pages
  • YesCan be used in pages
  • YesDisplays calendar of all countdowns
  • YesRedirection to website
  • FlashUses flash. Some devices might not support flash
  • 2 DesignsDesigns suitable for light and dark skin websites
  • UnlimitedUnlimited countdowns per page
  • NoMobile responsiveness not found
  • IE7 not supportedOther browsers are supported

Ujii Countdown

  • YesSupports under construction pages
  • YesCan be used in pages
  • NoNo calendar of events
  • YesRedirection to website
  • YesHTML5
  • 1 DesignOnly one classic design in the free version.
  • 1Only 1 Countdown per page
  • NoMobile responsiveness not found
  • IE7, IE8 not supportedBecause of the HTML5 used

This comparison table have been created with the plugin Go Pricing .To buy this plugin, click here. To read full review on Go Pricing, click Go Pricing WordPress Plugin Review.

Following are the list of plugins, rated and arranged based on their usage, price and other features.

1. CountDown Pro WordPress Plugin

If you are looking for a multi-purpose countdown plugin that can be used for everything, then buy this.

countdown pro wordpress plugin

Countdown Pro – A look

Countdown Pro is the best plugin available for wordpress. As far as the uses are taken into account, this plugin can be used for under construction pages, events, displaying offers and discounts and anything you can think of. Moreover this plugin comes with mobile responsiveness and social sharing which could be integrated with a click. Call back function can be configured, to be executed when the event is over.

Main Features :

  • Best plugin available with all the features.
  • Attractive designs – circular and electronic with more than 80 customizable options.
  • Mobile Responsiveness – Your countdown will not create a mess in mobile websites.
  • Proven use as Website Countdown, Events countdown and Offers countdown.
  • Multiple countdowns on same page? Yes it is allowed.
  • Automatically make your website display something once the countdown is over – Call back function.
  • Free updates and support for a life time. Many plugins do not offer this.

Surprisingly, i found no limitations, glitches or errors when using this plugin. So if you want the best wordpress countdown plugin, go for this.

2. WordPress Maintenance & Under Construction Plugin

If you are going to use it just for website under construction, then this is the best plugin.

Best wordpress under maintenance/construction plugin with excellent and sleek design. Comprises of all the features that would be required for a under construction website – Social icons integration, Twitter feed widgets, progress bar, important links to display, subscription form to collect subscribers and more.

Main Features :

  • Best plugin if you are going to build a under construction page.
  • 8 elegant pre-designed templates that will suit almost all websites – fom light to dark skins.
  • All the required information in a under construction as easy select widgets.
  • Countdown bar, Progress bar, Links, Social Icons, Twitter Feed, Subscription form, contact form.
  • Integrated with Mailchimp for Email support and Pretty Photo for images.
  • Mobile responsiveness. Supporting all browsers in all devices.
  • Complete documentation with clear images on the various features and customization.

The only limitation in this plugin, you can use it only for Under construction website. And supports no callback functions.

3. WordPress Multiple Events Calendar with Countdown

A plugin with integrated calendar and countdown for each event. Can be displayed as a widget.

wordpress multiple events calendar countdown

A look at dark version of plugin

Are you going to conduct a series of events in you blog or website? And you want to display everything in a simple calendar? Best and only plugin available in market. Helps you to create unlimited set of scheduled events with countdown for each event.

Main Features :

  • Only plugin which integrates the event countdown and events calendar.
  • Uses Flash – Dynamic, elegant calendar which looks awesome.
  • Multiple events per day (different times) are also now supported.

This plugin was last updated on 20 Feb, 2012 and so you cannot expect instant support. No other widget support, like icons, social media integration, subscription forms. You will have to do it manually. So buy this if interested so much in Multi-events countdown.

4. Ujii Countdown (Free)

A free and simple countdown plugin for wordpress.

Only free plugin in the market which is upto the mark. You can add this countdown either as a widget or a shortcode. Uses just HTML5. With easy customization, you can add this plugin to the website in few minutes. Best plugin for under construction website. Can be used in deals page too.

Main Features :

  • Easy customization. Easy style choosing.
  • Available as a widget and a short code.
  • HTML 5. No Java-script or Flash.
  • Automatic Redirection to assigned link after the countdown time expires.
  • Multi language support.

Only one old time countdown timer design style.. No unique styles or designs to change. You cannot add event to display before countdown and after countdown. Only one countdown timer per page.

Want me to add any new plugins here?? Don’t you think my rating is fair?? Do you need any advices?? Comment below and i will see through it.

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