3 Best [Only Needed] Project Management Tools for Freelancers to save their Time

Project Management tools for Freelancers. This is the second post in the series –>Freelancer Tools Previous tools i covered in this blog are (To read, open them in New Tab) 1. Time Management Tools for Freelancers Now i have went through the World Wide Web and all Freelancer blogs to bring you some of the best Project Management tools in use.

Now, Why Project Management?

Now Working as a Freelancer from home might look simple for you with a few tasks to do everyday.. But when you start improving with at least 3 projects in hand at a time, you will find it hard to keep up. And when you pick up a team, it gets worse… You plan something and your partner will be busy doing some other work for his son’s project.

So how to keep track of them all? How to plan it all – This is for today and that is for tomorrow??

PROJECT MANAGEMENT – Plan it all.. When it has to be done, files required, instructions, the person responsible and everything..

Project Management tools for Freelancers

So here i have listed out the best project management tools.. Some are free and some are premium.. Sure they have their advantages..

1. MindMeister – Map your Project

MindMeister is a simple tool for mapping your project personally. Though it has multi-user collaboration facility, i think it is not best for a company to use it.

Model mind Map - Project Management Tool

Click to See a Model Mind Map

  • MindMeister is the best personal tool to plan a project initially.
  • With this simple “click and create” tool, you can just plan your project just like you draw in your notebook.
  • For each sub-task in the project, you can create its own Notes, Files, Priority and due-date.
  • You can inter-link between two sub-tasks that are inter-related making it easy to track the work.
  • Has a SlideShow option which can be used to present your project plan to your team.
  • A collaboration add-on under each map to discuss about the project with your client.

Final Touch : MindMeister is the best personal mapping tool for you to initial plan the project of yours.. It is attractive to present to your team.. An Artist cum Freelancer will love this tool..

2. Trello – Manage your Team Projects

One of the best Project Management tools for Freelancers and business owners. Trello is the project management tool i personally use.. Best project management tool for Freelancers with a team and also for lone wolves.. The Live notifications facility, design of the tool and free service ofcourse makes this tool preferable.

  • Most widely used tool for many clients (from oDesk) across the world.
  • Multiple organisations for a single user. You can create orgs, invite and add users.. Privacy of the company is upto you.
  • Working Model of Trello –> Organizations >Boards>Cards
  • Below is my model board, i created for my website

Trello Board Model

  • Plan a Task, divide into different sub-tasks and assign it to one of the users.
  • Automatically the progress of the project gets tracked.
  • Trello has Files, Notes, Due Date, Priority and Stickers and other notable features…

Currently i have tried using Trello along with Mindmeister and it have increased the progress of the project.

3. BaseCamp – All Project Management Tools together

Claimed to be the No.1 Project Management tool by the experts from all fields.. I promise you that this premium tool has every single feature to manage your projects as a team/company. (But if you are lone wolf, you will not be requiring this tool 🙂 )

  • All projects at one place with details, files, discussions and drafts.
  • Live chat facility.
  • Calendar for every single user tracking his plan and activities.
  • Analysis and reports based on the progress of the project.
  • Notifications to the users at the right time (Comes with a mobile app too)

Want to use this tool for free? A new free similar tool FreedCamp is launched recently. Try it. 🙂

So these are the Project Management tools that are enough to manage your projects and tasks in a single place. Use them, improve your productivity… Will be writing about other tools soon.. Critics and comments are welcome below.. Do you want me to add any new tool? Please comment below 🙂

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2 thoughts on “3 Best [Only Needed] Project Management Tools for Freelancers to save their Time

  1. I think you should include http://www.proofhub.com in the list. It’s good project management tool with nice collaboration features. My team and I have been using it for the last 8 months and it helps us a lot to manage projects and coordinate with team and clients.

  2. Very nice and concise list. I use proofhub(proofhub.com), however, and are pretty happy with its functionality. It allows not only collaboration amongst the project-specific team, but also clients can see all the activity, track the progress and get involved in a discussion at any point. Works for me and clients love its simplicity, so perhaps I’ll stick with proofhub for now 🙂

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