6 Reasons that will Make you start a Blog Immediately

If you want to start blogging and get a blog running successfully, then what i think you should have is  A motivation or A Strong reason for starting a blog. if you just start a blog, without any reason or motivation, sure it will join one of the useless blogs list in the World Wide Web.

So here are the 15 reasons, every blogger say after running a successful blog for a year.

1. I want to Earn (Money) :

Earning money from Internet is the reason, why 99% bloggers started blogging first hand. Each blog (whether it be a blog with 20 visitors or 20k visitors, entertainment blog or Review Blog) have its own method of generating revenue (Monetization). Also its fast and easy. Further Blogging will introduce you to a lot of Money Making Ideas. So want to make some $$$ sitting at your home, writing about what you like. Blogging is THE THING. Some Earning methods below,

  1. Pay Per Click Advertisements – Adsense, Chitika etc
  2. Internet Marketing
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Selling Products and Services
  6. Facebook, Twitter Marketing

Though Money is a strong motivation, it is not the right motivation for new bloggers i would say. If your motivation is money, during the first 30 days of your blog creation, you will get demotivated for sure 🙂 So jump to one of the below.

2. Build your Career Online (Job) :

With the growing opportunities online, Internet holds the outbreak of various job opportunities from Web Designing, Web Development, SEO to Article writing and Data Entry. If you want to start building you career based on any one of this, i suggest you that Blogging is the best way.

When you start Blogging, you will start knowing various job opportunities online and their potential. Not only the existing job careers but also technologies. Ultimately when you can excel in one of them, you can blog about that and provide services based on the blog.

3. Build a Set of Followers (Fan Base) :

Are you planning to become an Author? A Politician? A Rebel? Do you want a set of initial set of dedicated followers to start with? Then Blogging (With Social Media) is the best way to start with. Because with a Blog, you can

–> Convey your initial set of ideas to mass group of people without any difficulty.
–> Get a feedback and criticism of your ideas, your works instantly so that you can rectify them.
–> When you enter the field, you will have some fans, who will support you through the initial growth.

4. Inspire Others (Inspiration) :

Are you best in talking but not in doing? No one there to hear your advice? Find the right people to hear you.. Inspire them to do something, achieve in your field.. Be someone in your life.. Start an Inspiration Blog today and create a set of future Bloggers, Entrepreneurs etc..

5. Build your Online Brand (Brand Image) :

Before you enter the Online corporate Market, build your Brand online. In Internet, everything works based on Branding. From Google, Facebook to the last successful blog created OMG Facts. They built their Brand Online. And now whatever they say, people will log in to see atleast what they are saying. By this way you can improve your Market.

6. Get along with persons with same Interested (Network) :

When you blog about something, you will get along with persons of same interest. When you do the same, the followers, the work, your network everything will double every single day. This is how Johnchow and ZacJohnson exchanged their fans and made a fortune together.

Other than this, you all can start up a venture together one day or another.

So are you up to blogging? Want to start a Blog? Decide what type of Blog you want to write (See the Types of Blogs – Their advantages and Disadvantages here), and jump to our Step by Step by guide of Creating a Blog.

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