6 common blogging mistakes that will demotivate [New Bloggers], with solutions

Too much long topic right?? Yeah.. But i think this is the most important step for any Blogger, if you want to blog for a long run, then you have to protect yourself from demotivation. So here are some of the common Blogging mistakes that will demotivate you and might drive you out of Blogging before you even start the real Blogging.

1. Reading too much of Blogging Tutorials

No blogger will mention this.. 60% of start-up bloggers get bored of Blogging even before they actually start blogging. The problem is psychologically, we all aim for the stars.. And dream in dollars, even before we start a blog.. So when you meet your first fail to meet a blogging goal, you will go into depression, which will demotivate you…

De-motivational Thought :

This website says 1000$ in 30 days.. That says 1000$ in 3 hours.. Neither works for me… I should quit blogging πŸ™

How it Affects you :

  • Too much cooks spoil the food.. Following all the blogging tutorials at same time will let you stranded in middle..
  • In 3 hours time for Blogging, you will waste 2.30 minutes in reading how to blog..
  • Dreaming in dollars.. Building castle in the air.. Everything is same..

How to Avoid :

  • Better idea is – Follow 1 tutorial..
  • Best idea is – Don’t follow tutorials. Be a man.. Get in there.. Blog.. Learn.. Rectify.. Now blog again..

2. Multi Niche Blogging – Blogging about a Lot

Starting a multi niche blog - common blogging mistake 1

Don’t start a blog which discuss many topics

A common mistake, every single Blogger (including me πŸ™‚ ) do when they start blogging. They talk about lot of things – From Blogging, Social Media, WordPress to the last topic available on the earth. After writing about 700 articles, all you will receive is 10K+ impressions and less than 10 clicks.

Demotivational Thought :

I Β wrote a lot of articles, on many topics, in short time. But i get no visitors man πŸ™
I should quit Blogging.

How it Affects you :

  • Poor Click Through Rate – You will get a lot of impressions due to lot of topics. But you will not get any clicks as your website will be at the 3rd or 4th page.
  • Poor Internal Linking – When you write about different topics, your content will be linked internally from irrelevant pages, so decreasing your SEO value.
  • Irrelevant Article Listing – Related articles in the right column will be very less, thus causing very less engagement rate.
  • Expert in everything? – You cannot be an expert in everything at all. So when you talk about everything, and when they don’t like it, they will start hating your content.
  • You will not know who your audience are.. Not even for getting advertisements for your websites.

How to Avoid :

  • Stop writing articles on many topics at same time. Jump to next NICHE only when you have established your authority on a particular niche.
  • Multi Author Blogs – Make experts write for you. Each author will write on NICHE in which they are expert at.
  • Don’t go for Multi Niche blogs.. With single niche blogs, you can earn a lot within a single month.

3. Money!! Don’t look for just money Man.

How can this be a demotivational factor? Actually money is a motivating factor, right? Yeah it is… But when you write for just money, you will get demotivated at one point or another… Let me explain it clearly..

Demotivational Thought :

Didn’t even earn a single penny from my blog for 3 months πŸ™ I think i am wasting my time here.. Perhaps,Β I should quit Blogging.

How it Affects you :

  • If you are a startup blogger, with your first blog and your only aim is to MAKE MONEY, then let me assure you, you are not going to reach anywhere. May be some 100$ per months but that’s it.
  • Measuring the growth of a blog with the earning is NOT RIGHT..
  • Most blogs will take atleast 3 months to earn you the first penny..
  • If you are seeing just your earnings for the growth, before that you will be out of the career.

How to Avoid :

    • Stop counting MONEY… Start counting visitors.
    • Before you understand the type of visitors you get, DO NOT MONETIZE your websites
    • If you are not earning much despite getting a lot of visitors for your blog, try Changing the monetization methods you use in your blogs.

4. Proper management of various Tasks

When creating a blog, from scratch, you should know the right step by step progress, through which you should take your blog. Without an understanding of the right path, you will get yourself blocked by a wall one time or another.

When you start a blog, read others experiences and list out the step by step plan, just for your blog. And follow it throughout your blog building process.

Demotivational Thought :

I did everything he (Another Blogger πŸ™‚ ) did in his blog. Still he gets loads of visitors and why don’t I? πŸ™ – BECAUSE YOU DID EVERYTHING AT WRONG TIME

How it Affects you :

  • At one point, your blog will have everything.. Enough Social Media shares, enough SEO, enough content.. But you will not have remarkable visitors flow.
  • You will not know, what and where was the mistake.. Whether its in content part or in SEO part..
  • Time wastage – You will be wasting your time in doing something, which is there already and will forget necessary optimizations like SEO and SMM.

How to Avoid :

  • When you want to start a new blog, plan the content of the blog and study other blogs to know, what has to be done.. List out the activities.
  • Now arrange these blog building activities in the right line – Basic Design, Content, SEO, SMM, Monetization..
  • Each type of blog will have their own line of building.. So prepare your own plan..
  • Stick to the plan always…
  • When your blog’s growth lags, check the previous step for mistakes and rectify it.

5. Blogging without Networking/Friends

Are you a blogger without friends or a network, with whom you can share your work.. Dude, let me tell you, 99% you will retire out of blogging within 3 months or 4 maximum. Out here you cannot manage alone. So i think you should go for building NETWORKS..

Demotivational Thought :

GOD!! How much work can i do? Really??!! I post content, build links, do Social Media Postings, do guest posting – Taking about 15 hours/day.. Should i try another field of career?? πŸ™

How it Affects you :

  • Blogging is not about just posting something you know. It doesn’t end there.. Professional blogging is actually is a vast area, too vast for a single person.
  • Without helping network/friends, you will get struck at every point. Most importantly in SEO.. When Google removes you from website, it will take you 7 days to find why and rectify the mistake.
  • Slow Growth – With a single person’s effort, blog will develop very slowly and some may fall out before the blog reaches a position.
  • Networking is the best way to review your Blog – know what’s wrong and what needs to be done for better running.

How to Avoid :

  • Always build a network, once the basic design of the blog is ready – Based on the content you are going to post and the networkers’ area of expertise.
  • Now separate the works – Content posting, Guest blogging, SEO review, Social Media and all – Distribute and relax..
  • Now some work for Money and some for links from your blog. Give them what they need..

6. Wasting Time when Blogging – Facebook, Games vagaira vagaira..

Wait a minute!! Haven’t seen this anywhere? Yes.. That’s because most bloggers don’t even notice that they waste their precious blogging time in browsing something.. This doesn’t include just facebook and games.. For example, I am addicted to the word “Earn Money Online” so when i see such advertisements when browsing for article content, i end up wasting time, researching on them. And 90% are fake.. So make sure, you do not get disturbed when you are blogging..

Demotivational Thought :

Today i worked about 9 hours and i couldn’t even finish 1 article.. Perhaps Blogging is not for me πŸ™

How it Affects you :

  • It will look like as if you are blogging whole time.. But you will be wasting your time even without your knowledge..
  • Facebook is an addiction for bloggers.. with notifications shrieking now and then, you cannot even concentrate a few minutes on the topic…
  • Do you think, you can blog effectively seeing film or browsing Facebook too? You are 100% wrong..

How to Avoid :

  • As far as possible, write content in a device, which has no other facility or feature..
  • Login into Facebook to share posts only after completing the day’s work..
  • Collect related content for referrence before starting to write the content.

So above are the common reasons which demotivates new bloggers within 3-6 months.. Only 3% of the bloggers blog consistently and profitably throughout their life as a professional blogger.. So where are you going to be? IN or OUT?

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