3 Must have Criteria on buying a Premium wordpress theme – Purchase Tips

If you are checking this out, then you are looking for a design for your wordpress website..

And you want to buy a wordpress theme for your wordpress website or blog..

Are you sure?? To buy a particular wordpress theme??

Wait a minute!!!

Check these criteria shown below.. You should check these following criteria before deciding whether you should buy any particular wordpress theme.


Ok now open the theme you need to buy in a new tab..

But before that close all the pages that show the specification of the theme.. This is because, now-a-days marketing professionals are very clever.. They make specifications page very long and luring, tricking us.

Let us check every feature we need by ourselves..

Now check whether you theme meets the following criteria…

1. Home Page – Optimised

for Blog/Website

SHORTLY : Whether the theme is created for a Blog/Website.. Some themes are best for blogs than websites.. But some themes might be good for a website but when used on a blog looks very bad.. So check it out.. Complete tips on comparison below..

One thing every blogger or a corporate website developer misses to notice!!

Because they are too involved with the design..

That won’t affect you when using a free theme.. But when buying a theme at 40$ per theme??

No Problem!! Let me help you..

Now let us sort out, how to classify between the themes that suit a blog and a website..


If the theme has any one of the following, mostly it will be suitable only for a blog.

  • All the theme authors shows the best part of the theme in the first page.. So if the first page of theme in live preview is a “Blog”, its for blog.. Simple guess..
  • Latest Posts, Recent posts and popular posts widgets in the home page.. WordPress Themes for Blogs have these mostly..
  • Slideshows featuring and linking to a particular blog posts.. These kind of wordpress themes are created for blogs.


  • Portfolio page in Themes, If any wordpress theme has this, then its for a website definitely. Most blog based themes don not have a portfolio page.
  • Sliders featuring Products and services – If the first page features this, mostly it will not contain enough features required for a blog.

Now the mistake you should avoid is never use the theme classified as blog or website for the other.. If you use such, your website will look weird.

2. Mobile Responsiveness

SHORTLY : Mobile responsiveness of the wordpress themes for various browser sizes is one of the most important criteria for any website or wordpress theme. So if there is any website without mobile responsiveness, NEVER buy that theme..

Most important criteria.. And probably most of you checked these criteria before..

Mostly every premium theme these days comes with mobile responsiveness..

Still make sure of it..

What’s the use of Mobile Responsiveness?

  • Mobile Responsive websites get priority in the search engine results for mobile devices.
  • Also sometimes when you use Adsense in your website, lack of mobile responsiveness may shadow over the Adsense displayed, which is against Terms and Conditions of Google Adsense..

Is the theme Mobile Responsive?

  • Simple!! Adjust the size of the browser screen and see whether the theme page adjusts with the size of the browser screen..
  • Scroll bar shouldn’t appear whatever the size of the browser may be.
  • You can analyze the page load speed of the theme and other details about optimization rating of the WordPress theme for various browsers and devices here —> Google Insights

3. Level of Pre-Sales and Post-Sales support.

SHORTLY : Always decide the level of customer support you would require after purchasing the theme and make sure the developers provide the required support.

Ok! After buying a theme, how much support will you need?

For Example : Support not only includes help with updates to bugs, features and widgets, but also small tweaks in themes and .js files..

How to Find their level of support

  • Go to support section of the theme and check out how many days they take normally to solve a problem.
  • Check out the comments and reviews sections to ensure the level of support offered to customers.
  • Check out whether the author comments actively and solves the problem of customers.

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