How i Increased my productivity by 150% as a Blogger

My first try to document my personal experience. Professionals please drop your suggestions as comments.

how i increased my productivity

An article after a long time!! As you know, apart from being a blogger, I also work on freelancer projects. For the last two weeks I have been busy with some article writing and SEO projects. One strange thing I noticed in my productivity was that – My Productivity was about 77% of total time when i worked on freelancer projects.

But when i work on my blogs or any one of my new projects, My productivity was less than 38%. I was shocked by the change in productivity. So i decided to compare the results and analyze the mistake, so that i can rectify it later. And i discovered a lot. By following my instructions, you can increase your productivity by more than 200%

Blogger productivity

Screenshot of my Productivity

This is a screenshot of my productivity on 2 days. Productivity is based on time you spent on work compared to total time spent. Courtesy : ResuceTime (Free)

Working for Clients vs Working for Myself

On general inspection of time i spent on each websites and applications, when i worked on each project, i listed out all the mistakes i did and also the probable reason for it.



Visiting 3rd party websites increased Lack of aim or goal.
Visiting Facebook Procrastination and lack of deadlines.
Visiting How to Make money websites Lack of determination

So based on the mistakes i devised 3 simple ideas that have helped in increasing my productivity by 150%

1. I Stopped Reading Tutorials when I work

When i had a look at the Learning and Reference sections, i spent about 25% of my time on reading “How to make money online tutorials, How i earned XXX in 30 days” and much more. I am reading a lot of tutorials which is costing me a lot of time. Worst of all, i read too much so that i am not following any of them properly.

Every blogger has that disease, when we are working on a blog or something, when we see link on “How to make money”, we leave the work and go read others success stories. So

  • Don’t read tutorials when working. Bookmark them for later.
  • Before writing a blog post, keep all your references ready so that you need not go online for referring.

2. I Setup a Goal + Deadline

Importance of Setting a Goal

Picture says it all

Another difference between a freelance project and blogging is, in there I am scared of the deadline and the goal. I have to complete it as it is, and also on time. But in Blogging, we don’t have such restrictions. So i started treating it as a job to. I setup a goal for myself. I planned it ahead for a week so that i do not procrastinate things.

  • I used 7 Sticky notes to create virtual sticky notes and post it all over my screen. So i get reminded of my goals everyday.
  • And each goal comes with a deadline, and a small note on what would happen if i dont do it on time.

This trick increased my productivity a lot. Whenever i went searching for a film or something on desktop, i got reminded back of my tasks.

3. I complemented myself / frightened myself.

Everyone needs a motivation. So do us. I have heard of quotes Compliment yourself. But i never understood what it is really. The thing is to motivate yourself by focusing a prize/complement. For example, I followed these

  • I love kids so much. I play with them at evening. I trained myself not to do that unless i finish the works for the day. You should try it too. 🙂
  • I always have a chart of the problems in my home, inside my bedroom. Whenever i wake up, i could feel my heart scared and motivate me to run.

4. I blocked Analytics page of my website.

Is checking analytics of your blog a good thing to.?? Yes Definitely. But checking it every hour when you get only 100 visitors/day.


So i temporarily blocked my analytics page. I do not look at them more than twice in a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. Being a blogger, everyone is addicted to visitors. But looking at analytics page every second will not help you get them.

5. Social Networking Sites.

Pain in the ***. You cannot block them because you use them for Social Media Marketing. And when you login, you find notifications, messages or some photos and you start facebooking.

STILL I haven’t got a solution for this. Do you have any suggestions?? Comment them below.

6. Monitor Myself

Unless i know how i am spending all my time online, i would have never known how i am wasting my time. So i decided to monitor all my time, block distractions and succeed. So i started tracking my time using RescueTime. It is free. By this tool, you can

  • Monitor time spent on your system and categorize them.
  • Calculate your productivity pulse.
  • Block distractions temporarily when focusing on a work.
  • Daily and weekly report as per convenience and you can easily find out the time you spent online.

What are you waiting for? Download it Now.

Usually i do not write about self improving tips and productivity things. I think they are off-topic. But i realized, Productivity is everything for a blogger. The amount of time you use online usefully decides what you are going to be a year later . So make use of your time, motivate yourself and succeed.

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  1. Interesting post, Vignesh. Especially that detailed snapshot. I have also been experiencing less productivity. But I am not able to figure out what could be causing this. Well, RescueTime does seem to be a great rescue in this case. So thanks for the link.

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